Four Senate Gun Control Bills on Tap

The U.S. Senate plans to vote tomorrow on four gun-control bills as part of a Justice Department spending bill. This vote is so important to Progressives that Presidential candidate and current Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders will be casting his first Senate votes since January.

One bill from Senator John Cornyn would require that law enforcement be alerted when anyone on the terror watch list attempts to buy a weapon from a licensed dealer. If the buyer’s been investigated for terrorism within the past five years, the attorney general could block a sale for up to three days while a court reviews the sale.

Another popularly known as the “no-fly, no-buy” amendment from Senator Dianne Feinstein would allow the attorney general to deny a gun sale to anyone if she has a ‘reasonable belief’ that the buyer is likely to engage in terrorism. ‘Reasonable belief’ is a lesser standard than ‘probable cause.’

An amendment by Senator Chris Murphy would close the “gun show loophole” by requiring every gun purchaser to undergo a background check, and to expand the background check database. And finally, an amendment authored by Senator Chuck Grassley would make it more difficult to add mentally ill people to the background check database, giving people suspected of serious mental illness a process to challenge that determination.

All four bills must first gain at least 60 votes to overcome procedural hurdles before heading to debates and final votes. And lastly, to prove that the elites in Congress are hungry for more power and control, none of these four proposals would have stopped the Orlando terrorist from buying his weapons had they been in place – and it is even more doubtful that any of them will halt a future attack.

We are living in dangerous times, not only from possible terror, but also from further encroachment upon our God-given civil liberties.

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