Where Are the Progressive Protestors?

Last June, a murderer walked into a Charleston South Carolina church and killed nine people. Shortly after photos began surfacing on the Internet of gunman with a Confederate flag.

Confederate flags were immediately pulled off store shelves and removed Internet retail sites. Progressives also began defacing statutes and other historic monuments, forcing some to be removed entirely.

So now, following the murders of 50 people at the hands of an American-born Islamic Jihadi, will those same Progressives begin calling for mosques to be torn down? Will they begin defacing them is the officialdom doesn’t move fast enough for them? Will there be protests and will they burn the ISIS flag? Will they protests at all?


Instead Progressives are calling for ‘tolerance and understanding,’ thus proving once again that not all violent activities against American citizens are equal. It also goes to show that they don’t care about all peoples – only those that fit their agenda.

Black lives matter — but Gay lives — not so much to Progressives.

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