Justice Ignored is Justice Denied

One day after striking down a portion of a pro-life law in Texas the supreme Court has made a second anti-life decision. This time the court refused to hear an appeal from the Stormans family in Washington State who are challenging a state law forcing them to sell  abortion-causing drugs that violate their conscience as Christians. In … Continue reading Justice Ignored is Justice Denied


High Court Ruling Further Erodes Constitution

This past Monday, the supreme Court handed down a 6-2 ruling that a person convicted of ‎domestic abuse can lose their ‎Second Amendment right “to keep and bear arms.” The case, Voisine et al v. United States, involves two Maine residents, under state law a decade ago of committing domestic violence and later charged for … Continue reading High Court Ruling Further Erodes Constitution

Hillary Clinton Builds Legacy on American Deaths

The U.S. House Select Committee on Benghazi released its final report comprising it’s of investigations and conclusions. It shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration was derelict in their duty to protect American diplomats and how the Obama administration contrived to misinform the public about the cause of the attack. Despite … Continue reading Hillary Clinton Builds Legacy on American Deaths

The High Court Side-steps the Real Argument

The U.S. supreme Court struck down one of the nation’s toughest restrictions on abortion, a Texas law that women’s groups and our Progressive media continue to claim, “would have forced more than three-quarters of the state’s clinics to shut down.” This is only a part of what the legal battle was over though. There were … Continue reading The High Court Side-steps the Real Argument

Seventy-five Things Bigger than Brexit

While the news about Brexit flooded across all the various news agencies, there is one news item that is more important and it is being completely ignored -- the Associated Press discovered that Hillary Clinton held dozens of meetings with political donors and other operatives during her time as secretary of State and that they … Continue reading Seventy-five Things Bigger than Brexit

SCOTUS Sets Obama’s Amnesty Legacy Back

The supreme Court did nothing to halt President Obama’s illegal amnesty push. The program would have shielded as many as five million illegal aliens from deportation while allowing them to legally work in the U.S. The case, United States v. Texas, No. 15-674, concerned a 2014 executive action by the president to allow as many … Continue reading SCOTUS Sets Obama’s Amnesty Legacy Back

Where the Law Doesn’t Matter

Clark County Eighth Judicial District Court Judge Stefany Miley has denied a Las Vegas woman’s motion for a preliminary injunction after she received a one-year trespass notice from the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District as a result of openly carrying her .38-caliber pistol. Michelle Flores was given the notice at the Rainbow Library on March … Continue reading Where the Law Doesn’t Matter

A Progressive is a Progressive is a Progressive

Senate Republicans say they’re going to bring a ‘compromise gun control bill’ to the floor, possibly by the end of this week. This comes after lawmakers defeated four gun-grabbing measures, each a knee-jerk response to the terrorist attack in Orlando, jus’ yesterday. In fact, Progressive GOP Leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to hold a vote … Continue reading A Progressive is a Progressive is a Progressive

The Truth About Harry ‘Assault Weapons’ Reid

In 2010 Senator Harry Reid received a lot of financial help from the NRA, in fact Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre came to Nevada to help Reid get reelected. And proving what sort of personal character he embodies – Reid has time and again done his best to distance himself from the organization – especially when … Continue reading The Truth About Harry ‘Assault Weapons’ Reid

Four Senate Gun Control Bills on Tap

The U.S. Senate plans to vote tomorrow on four gun-control bills as part of a Justice Department spending bill. This vote is so important to Progressives that Presidential candidate and current Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders will be casting his first Senate votes since January. One bill from Senator John Cornyn would require that law enforcement … Continue reading Four Senate Gun Control Bills on Tap

We Are Governmental Slaves

The U.S. national debt has exceeded $19 trillion, more than $58,000 for each person who lives in the U.S. today including children. The main culprit behind the rising deficits and debt is growing federal spending -- especially among Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare. Furthermore, the Congressional Budget Office projects that outlays will grow from … Continue reading We Are Governmental Slaves

The Wall in Between

The man, who killed 49 Americans at a Orlando nightclub, came from a network of radical mosques shielded from federal investigators. FBI agents were helpless to stop the terrorist because of constraints imposed on them by the Obama administration. Since 2012, Department of Homeland Security has routinely shut down investigations over concerns for the civil … Continue reading The Wall in Between

Another Failed Gun Narrative

Once again the same-stream Progressive media's got it wrong and as usual the anti-gunners swallow every drop of the pabulum that’s being spoon fed to the American public: “AR-15 Rifle Used in Orlando Massacre Has Bloody Pedigree,” an NBC News headline reads. “Orlando Shooting Puts Spotlight on AR-15 Rifle,” Newsweek declared. The Washington Post offered, … Continue reading Another Failed Gun Narrative

Where Are the Progressive Protestors?

Last June, a murderer walked into a Charleston South Carolina church and killed nine people. Shortly after photos began surfacing on the Internet of gunman with a Confederate flag. Confederate flags were immediately pulled off store shelves and removed Internet retail sites. Progressives also began defacing statutes and other historic monuments, forcing some to be … Continue reading Where Are the Progressive Protestors?

Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

As our Jewish friends around the nation celebrate Shavuot, I got to thinking about the Lord’s Prayer. It’s possibly the most well-known and recited set of verses in the bible and can be found in Matthew 6:9-13. Unfortunately, it may also be the least understood set of verses as it's offered up so often by memory. Rarely is … Continue reading Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

When Law Violates Law

“Any law which violates the inalienable rights of man is essentially unjust and tyrannical; it is not a law at all.” -- Maximilien Robespierre So goes Proposition 47, also known as the ‘Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.’ It’s a referendum passed by voters of California in 2014. It categorized several 'nonviolent' felonies into  misdemeanors. By … Continue reading When Law Violates Law