There’s More to the Realignment of U.S. Highway 50 Than Meets the Eye

The United Nations is still making inroads around Lake Tahoe with its environmental programming. Agenda 21 is a form of radical environmentalism that states humanity is destroying the planet, and the goal should be to create a world where literally everything humans do is to be tightly monitored and controlled in the name of “sustainable development.”

In their vision, the human population will be greatly reduced and human activity to be limited to strictly regulated urban areas and travel corridors, while of the planet is be left to nature. And to prove how sneaky the planning and execution of these plans are, they’re often couched in banal terms like ‘economic development’ or ‘community revitalization.’

One such ‘community revitalization project’ involves creating a new road allowing drivers to bypass the downtown area in Stateline, Nevada.  This proposal “realigns the current four lanes of U.S. Highway 50 along Lake Parkway East behind Harrah’s, Montbleu, and the Village Shopping Center, converting the current road along the business and casino corridor into two lanes with turn pockets,” reconnecting at Pioneer Trail in California.

The Tahoe Transportation District’s own webpages boast:

  • “No longer a federal highway, this area could be closed off and used as an outdoor mall for special events.”
  • “For residents, Relocation Assistance could include completely remodeled and refurbished housing or placement in housing comparable in condition, size and market value.’”
  • “Reducing conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians, created by congestion in the commercial core and use of the residential back street shortcut.”
  • And of course the ever-present promise of, “Providing construction jobs and increasing materials sales locally with the renovations.”

What these ‘officials’ are not talking about is why this needs doing. The answer: “Lessening environmental impact with reduced vehicle emissions and better storm water treatment,” as the website states.

They don’t care about how this new roadway affects businesses. No — this is ‘all about nature before man.’

All this falls directly in line with ‘Agenda 21,’ as more of the lake shore becomes unavailable to motorized vehicles, pets and development and planning becomes more centered on ‘foot traffic’ and ‘bicycle lanes.’ This $75 billion bypass idea was first proposed back in 1980, but shot down because it posed an economic death-blow to Stateline.

Odd, how what is old is new yet again.

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