Nevada AG Opposes New EPA Rules

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has filed a brief endorsing a multi-state legal fight against President Obama’s plan to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. The brief says only the states have the right to decide pollution emission standards.

“We are repeatedly seeing more federal regulation that is less tied to the actual text of the laws that federal agencies claim is the basis for their rules,” Laxalt said in a statement.

Environmentalists immediately criticized the filing. In fact , the group ‘Climate Parents’ claims Laxalt is choosing the interests of out-of-state coal corporations over the health of children, communities and the climate.

Called the Clean Power Plan, the rules limit carbon dioxide production starting in 2022 with the final goal in Nevada in 2030 of 855 pounds per megawatt-hour. Nevada’s expected to meet the target without difficulty, achieving a level of 578 pounds of carbon dioxide by that year by one estimate.

More than two dozen states are appealing the rules in a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The U.S. Supreme Court put enforcement of the rules on hold pending the appeals process.

Meanwhile, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is downplaying the AG’s filing, claiming that “the attorney general is simply offering his legal opinion.”

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