Where Consensus Rules Over Facts

A photographer has captured an image of a dead polar bear that he claims starved to death because of climate change. Sebastian Copeland was in the Canadian Arctic when he came across the animal’s emaciated corpse surrounded in molted fur on a patch of rocky ground.

Copeland claims it serves as an illustration of what polar bears face as the sea ice retreats, making it harder to hunt seals and forcing them further inland for food. His supposition’s bolstered by other climate change expert who’re warning that the Arctic could be completely free of ice in just 40 years.

Along with the polar bears, these experts say an estimated 150,000 penguins have been wiped out in Antarctica. The journal Antarctic Science says in 2010 an iceberg blocked access to the penguins’ natural feeding areas reducing the population to just a few thousand.

Yet, you and I are supposed to believe that the polar bear population is being threatened by a lack of icebergs. And honestly, even the experts like Polar Bear International, National Wildlife Federation or World Wildlife Federation can agree on the number of polar bears in the world.

In the end, it comes down to this: either there’s deadly ice in the polar ice caps or there’s not enough for survival – but you can have it both ways.

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