The Esau Effect

As I sat reading Genesis 25 and 26 -- the story of Esau and Jacob -- a tiny thought crept its way into my brain and lodge itself there so it could fester. I went to bed thinking of the two brothers and their life-long struggle over birthrights and blessings and I awoke to the … Continue reading The Esau Effect


Progressive Politician Calls for Restricting Free Speech

Former Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore is criticizing the compliant media for giving free air time to Donald Trump. Gilmore also accused the Republican National Committee of outsourcing the debates to the networks, resulting in “a food fight that looks like the Jerry Springer show.” “He also by the way said he didn’t have to … Continue reading Progressive Politician Calls for Restricting Free Speech

Arizona Fights Back Against Federal Gun Control

The Arizona House approved a measure on February 16 prohibiting the state from using resources, including people and funds, to enforce federal gun control laws. House Bill 2300 forbids state and local agencies from carrying out of any federal regulation restricting the right to own a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition. Any federal … Continue reading Arizona Fights Back Against Federal Gun Control


There was something about the thin-armed, beer-bellied man as he walked along the sidewalk and passed the house. He had a thin, stringy beard and a severely receding hair line with the unkempt ends hanging over his tee-shirt collar. “Good afternoon,” I called out. “Good afternoon,” he replied as he continued up the street. Yes. … Continue reading Martin

Taking a Bite Out of Apple

In September 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook joined first lady Michelle Obama during President Obama’s State of the Union address. Ironic how fast the tables turned from favor to opposition. That’s because the Department of Justice and its law enforcement arm, the FBI are trying to force Apple to create a custom software application that … Continue reading Taking a Bite Out of Apple

There’s NO Divide Along Party-lines

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t wait for Justice Antonin Scalia’s body to reach room temperature before saying he would give any President Obama nominee a fair hearing in the Senate before rejecting the choice along partisan lines. “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” said … Continue reading There’s NO Divide Along Party-lines

Five Funeral’s Obama Did Attend

The White House says President Obama won’t be attending the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The supposition is that it’s because he’s a ‘secret-Muslim. However, his attending funerals have nothing to do with whatever religion he does or doesn’t submit too. It does however have to do with his political ideology; after all … Continue reading Five Funeral’s Obama Did Attend

The BLM Doesn’t Discriminate; Land is Power

A dozen or so years before Cliven Bundy faced down armed agents of the Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights, Nevada rancher Raymond Yowell watched as the BLM seized his herd. Adding to that insult, they’ve taken his money too since 2008. Yowell’s 150 head of cattle had grazed for decades on the South … Continue reading The BLM Doesn’t Discriminate; Land is Power

Skepticism Surrounds Scalia’s Sudden Death

“The world might never know exactly what killed U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia,” writes Caroline Bankoff of the New York Magazine. What an odd word ‘kill’ is when it comes to a man who supposedly died in his sleep. But then maybe because I’ve grown up with questions like, ‘Who shot Kennedy?’ I’m cynical … Continue reading Skepticism Surrounds Scalia’s Sudden Death


It began innocently enough with a short news item that I’d written and posted on Facebook… FORGETTING THE CONSTITUTION: Leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee are disagreeing on the Supreme Court nomination process in an election year. Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said it is "standard practice" not to confirm nominees during presidential elections. Sen. … Continue reading Asshat

Property is Property to the Federal Government

The fed isn’t only interested in seizing and holding state land they claim needs protection, they also go after the ‘little guy,’ as in the case of Michigan resident John Gutowski. In 2013, federal authorities arrested Gutowski, charging him with conspiring to commit marriage fraud. The case: Too many marriage applications filed by immigrant residents … Continue reading Property is Property to the Federal Government

Jailed Because Gun Ownership Trumps Free Speech

Online talk show host Pete Santilli, who reported on the stand-off at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, will stay in federal custody until his trial. Arrested January 26 in Burns, federal prosecutors say he was a part of the conspiracy of threats and intimidation preventing federal employees from doing their jobs during the occupation of … Continue reading Jailed Because Gun Ownership Trumps Free Speech

When a Constitutional Sheriff Stands Up

Ten days before Christmas 2014 at around 9 a.m., the U.S. Marshals Service kicked in the door of an apartment intent on evicting the people living there because the buildings’ owner, Kent Carter owed the government more than $800,000. However, federal agents didn’t count on Eddy County, New Mexico Sheriff Scott London. Called to intervene … Continue reading When a Constitutional Sheriff Stands Up

The Oregon Land Battle Goes On

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management plans to close 164 miles of logging roads by using heavy machinery to re-contour some, decommissioning another 109 miles, and allowing 55 miles to return to a natural state on their own in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument area east of Ashland, Oregon. The BLM claims culverts and drainage ditches … Continue reading The Oregon Land Battle Goes On

More High Desert Goes Federal

The take-over of the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve near Burns, Oregon, may have ended but the federal land grab continues. President Obama is granting national monument status to nearly 1.8 million acres of Southern California desert. In all, he will name three specific regions national monuments — Mojave Trails, Castle Mountains (both in the Mojave … Continue reading More High Desert Goes Federal

The Word IS ‘Terrorist!’

Time and time again -- I've heard newscasters ‘ripping and reading’ the Associated Presses ‘FBI verses Apple’ story saying, “the San Bernardino Shooter.” It should be “…the San Bernardino TERRORIST." Syed Farook is a TERRORIST; his wife is a TERRORIST! If he were jus’ a “shooter” at a post office, a “shooter” at a high … Continue reading The Word IS ‘Terrorist!’

The S.S. United States to be Restored

There may still be hope for the S.S. United States as Crystal Cruises has signed a purchase option to restore the historic ocean liner and bring it back into service. The option commits Crystal to cover the costs of preserving the ship while undertaking a technical feasibility study, expected to be completed by the end … Continue reading The S.S. United States to be Restored