The Pitfalls and Pratfalls of Roof Repair

Following the last snowstorm we experienced, Mary discovered a water stain on our ceiling in the living room. That night I went to bed with visions of handing over bags of cash to whatever construction company we hire to do the repairs.

ceiling stain 001

The following day, while waiting for return calls from the three leading roofing repair companies in the area, I decided to get up on a ladder to have a closer look at the stains. I positioned the ladder right behind our couch and started up.

Because we have a vaulted ceiling and I’m short, I used the step on the ladder that you’re not supposed to stand on. I only needed a few seconds to inspect the area, so I felt I’d be okay.


Our Pit Bull, Roxy, became curious, so she decided to place her 60-pound plus frame, paws first against the legs of the ladder to take a closer look with me. Her action caused the entire ladder to shake and before I could get down, it toppled over.

Realizing that I was falling, I concluded my best bet was to jump. With only milliseconds to react I had to decide where to jump.

If I had landed on the couch with my 200 pound body, I am certain I would have broken the frame. I also had to avoid our two foot stools, as I knew impacting them, would hurt more than help.

Unfortunately, my jump became an extremely uncoordinated affair. Instead of landing on my feet after a tuck and roll as hoped, I flopped onto my right side with a horrific thud.

At that moment, Roxy sprinted out the doggie-door to disappear into our backyard. Our Black lab followed her, concluding that if she was running; he’d best do so too.

Our Yorkie terrier jumped up from where ever she was sleeping and ran to the front door to bark at it, thinking someone had knocked. She is so deaf that all she felt were the vibrations and not the real sounds of the ladder and I falling over.

As for me, I laid there assessing whether I was still alive and if I were, what was now broken and how long I would have to lay there until Mary got home. It only took a couple of minutes to figure out I was neither dead nor broken.

A day later I find myself to be one hurting unit. My right shoulder is giving me so much of a fit that I’m typing this using jus’ my left hand because I don’t want to lift my right hand any higher than I have to.

And though my curiosity about the water spot’s on our ceiling still hasn’t been satisfied, I’m satisfied with paying bags of cash to whatever construction company we hire to do the repairs.

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