All Things Being Equal — But Aren’t

The Obama White Administration is continuing its pushing to have women assume combat roles. However, the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) has released statistics showing there’s no such thing as combat equality.

  • Females are injured at twice the rate of men in basic training.
  • Females suffer a rate of stress that’s four times higher than men.
  • Females on active duty suffer depression at more than twice the rate of men and “one of the triggers is exposure to combat” and “not adjusting to Army life.”
  • Females suffer a 50-percent higher rate of anxiety.
  • Females suffer the same rate of Post Traumatic Stress as men.
  • Females have twice the injury rates of men when carrying 70 pounds of gear.
  • Females arrive at basic training less fit than men.

The head of the CMR, Elaine Donnelly, says the results are a “scandal in the making” because there’s “no indication that young women …will be informed of the additional risk over and above what men do.”

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