Coyote Goes For a Dip

Driving up the hill, I could see the Animal Control Officer standing by the ice shrouded pond. About 20 feet away was another lady, jus’ standing there.

They were both focused on something splashing around in the water; that something was a dog. So I pulled over to see if I could lend a hand.

She was rushing around the far end of the pond, using her looped-pole to try snagging the floundering animal. However it wasn’t long enough to reach and it was obvious she didn’t want to step into the freezing ice-water.

“Here,” I called to her, “Let me try.”

She briskly shook her head, “You’re not trained to use it.”

By this time the dog was using only one paw to stay afloat. I watched as its head slipped below the ice-encrusted surface several times, each time taking longer to resurface.

I knew it was now or never.

Removing my wallet from my pant pocket, I stuffed it in my jacket and handed them to the female bystander. Then I ran to the far side of the pond and jumped in.

Then with the butt-end my folding lock blade knife, I smashed through the layer of ice. While the pond wasn’t that deep, there was a lot of mud and while slowing me, I didn’t let it stop me as I pushed aside the broken ice fragments to get to the dying animal.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t a dog at all – but rather a coyote. The beast must have sensed I was there to help as it ceased struggling and allowed me to scruff it by the neck and tail, yank it from the water and toss it to the nearby snowy bank.

It laid there, panting heavily as I made my way over to it. As I crawled up on the bank next the coyote, I briskly rubbed its body and pushed down on its skinny chest a few of times to help get its circulation going faster.

With in 20 seconds it jumped to its feet, shook its self vigorously and sprang off towards the hillside. I pulled myself to my feet and walked briskly to my truck, where I knew the warmth of the heater would help stave off the onset of hypothermia.

Somewhere behind me I heard the Officer yell, “Are you fucking crazy?!”

Ignoring her question, I climbed in the cab, turned the ignition on and cranked the heater up. As I sat there enjoying the warmth, the female bystander came over to return my coat, which I quickly pulled on.

The lady then explained that it was her dogs that had chased the coyote into the ice and that the Officer was waiting for the Department of Wildlife to arrive.

Finally she said, “Thank you,” as she asked, “Are you okay?”

As I began to pull back onto the road, I smiled through my chattering teeth, “Y-e-e-s-s-s a-n-n-d-d-d y-y-o-o-u-r-r wel-wel-co-co-co-come.”

And to answer the Officer’s question: I suppose I am crazy.

“Hot and…”

While at the veterinarian’s office with one of our dogs, I asked for cup of coffee. It is something they offer to the ‘parent’s of their patients,’ and anytime I can get a fresh brewed cup o’ Joe, I’m all over it.

As the coffee finished gurgling through the maker, the young lady who was making it warned, “It’s not full, that way you can add sugar and cream to it if you’d like.”

“Thank you,” I returned, “But I like my coffee undiluted.”

The 30-something woman seated at the computer screen and answering phones, laughed and added, “He likes his coffee like he likes his women — hot and…”

She paused, catching herself before she completed the thought. She finally saved herself by finally saying, “…Strong,” to which the three of us laughed.

By this time her face was as red as if freshly sunburned. So not wishing to be outdone in the ‘not politically correct department,’ I put my hands backward on my hips and in my best-Robin-Williams- from-The –Bird-Cage impression, lisped, “Don’t tell my boyfriend that!”

The young woman who made my coffee for me pee’d herself from laughter, which caused a stir in the reception area with the other two women working on the cat-side of the counter. So I took that as a sign that I better get back to the examination room with my coffee before I caused anymore trouble.

The three of us could hardly look at one another as I slinked out the front door. I think we were afraid that by making direct eye-contact we’d start laughing again.

Losing to Meadowlark Lemon and the Harlem Globetrotters

Harlem Globetrotter “Meadowlark” Lemon passed away at the age of 83. He played 24 seasons and by his own estimate more than 16,000 games with the Globetrotter organization.

It was the early 70’s and I remember watching his on court antics as a kid, and enjoying Saturday morning cartoons with his team mates solving some sort of problem by playing a friendly game of basketball. And if I remember correctly, they also appeared in a few “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” cartoons as well.

But the greatest ‘Globetrotter experience’ I had, was getting to run up and down the basketball court against him and his fellow Trotters in late 1979. Ironic thing is — I’ve never been very good at basketball, but I was the only person to sign up from the 90th Hospital Squadron, so I was an automatic pick.

Anyway, Meadowlark and crew were at Warren AFB, in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a charity basketball game against the Warren Airmen (or whatever we called ourselves.)  While we knew we would lose – we ran ourselves ragged trying to get our hands on the basketball and it wasn’t the least bit helpful when the Globetrotter’s did something that made everyone, including us, crack up with laughter.

I had so much fun that night, playing for whatever charity, that I never knew what the score was in the end.

A Tenuous Connection

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saw: “Things happen for a reason.” Well, it seems that Star Wars is running through my son’s and my life, over 32-years after I found myself involved in “Return of the Jedi.”

This thought came to me as we sat watching the new movie over the weekend. Hopefully, I can explain myself well enough not be considered ‘too far’ out there.

Kyle works for an electronics company, where they create, box up and ship electronic parts all around the world. One of the many thousands and thousands of orders he’s helped work on these past few months has been parts for a new droid character in this latest Star War’s film, “The Force Awakens,” known as BB-8.

Made of two spheres, BB-8 includes a large ball for the body and a smaller one for the head. Disney licensed the BB-8 character to Sphero in July 2014, which in turn hired Kyle’s employer to produce, package and distribute the electronic pieces.

Having worked as Mark Hamill’s stand-in and stunt-double when I was 23-years-old, the Star War’s saga has managed to cross-sect 23-year-old Kyle’s life and mine more than three-decades later. I know – the link is very thin – but there it is.

Flashing Lights and Flashing Lights

So schools in the Reno/Sparks area are out for winter break — or Christmas break as we used to say in the old days. Despite that, the school zone light’s near my home continue to flash meaning (in Nevada) you’re supposed to slow down to 15 miles per hour.

So the question becomes: Do I drop down to the required speed limit or drive on as if the flashing lights mean absolutely nothing? Yeah — fool me once…

So I slow down to 15 miles per hour. In no time I have three vehicles stacked up behind me and I can tell they’re feeling less than Christmassy towards me.

Without warning, and from where the cruiser came, I don’t know. But he jumped right in behind me and flipped on his siren and flashing lights.

“Oh, crap,” I shouted at the dashboard, “Now what did I do?!”

Wasting no time, I pulled out my driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, which the man-behind-the-badge didn’t fail to ask for. He looked them over to make certain they were all up to date.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked.

“No,” I answered.

“You were going only 15 miles an hour when the speed limit is 35,” he politely explained.

“Yes. I know I was, but…” I started to reply.

“You must not have children,” he interrupted.

“Not school aged, no,” I agreed.

“Well, schools out and there’s no reason to do anything other than the posted speed limit, even with the lights flashing,” he continued.

“Oh, good — then you saw them too,” I returned.

He furrowed his brow in a puzzled expression, but before he could say anything, I told him that I’d been ticketed a few years ago for speeding through a school zone in spite of school being out for the summer. I also explained that I didn’t want to get another ticket and waste my time or the courts time jus’ to get it dismissed.

“Gotch’ya,” he stated as he handed me my paperwork adding, “Have yourself a Merry Christmas.”

“You, too,” I called back as he walked to his cruiser, adding, “Stay safe and Happy New Year as well.”

The Truth Behind the Firing of a Lunch Lady

While working as Irving Middle School in Pocatello, Idaho, Dalene Bowden was caught giving a lunch to a girl who supposedly didn’t have the money to pay for it. Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 immediately terminated her employment because of her theft of school district property.

Yes – school district property — which is paid for through both federal and state taxes and isn’t hers to give away as she sees fit.

The ex-lunch lady claims she’s never been written up or reprimanded on the job, though she did receive a verbal warning once for giving a student a cookie. And since she has a history such activity – it goes to show that she has a personal agenda.

Bowden should have paid for the $1.70 lunch if she truly wanted to help the child before stealing it in order to give it away. So simply put, she’s a thief – so why the hell is she being portrayed as some sort of hero by the press and social media?

Because no one has taken the time to look beyond the ‘bleeding heart story-line,’ of some poor wayward child being starved by the fascistic government bureaucracy, which is all bogus in the first place. After all, the girl Bowden gave the lunch had money enough pay for the lunch herself, but ain’t anyone talking about that.

And now the district is bowing to public pressure and in ‘the spirit of the holiday,’ is offering to reinstate the woman. Meanwhile a account has been set up help Bowden fund action against the district.

As my grandpa used to say, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Best Friends

It was Christmastime 1969, when my best friend and I got off the bus, arguing over whether Santa Claus was real or not. He said ‘no’ and I said ‘yes.’

My conviction was so strong that I eventually picked a fight with him and we both ended up in the principal’s office. I explained that I had jus’ seen a program on TV that took viewers on a tour of Santa’s Reindeer Ranch.

In the end we were both had to spend all of our recesses that day standing against the supply shed, watching everyone else play. Eventually, he moved away, his father having been reassigned to another air base and I soon forgot his name.

Not being able to remember his name always bugged me.

It was later summer, nearly 46-years later when Kay Vail, a friend from high school contacted me, saying she and her husband were in town and wanted to get together. I jumped at the chance.

It was during dinner that Kay’s husband, Steve started reminiscing about how he had attended Margaret Keating School his third grade year. He also talked about playing with the kid’s who live on both sides of Camp Marigold and how he was best friends with one boy right across the fence from him.

Then he shared how he and his best buddy got into a fight and ended up in the principal’s office: “I can’t remember what the fight was about. And worse yet, I can’t recall the kid’s name that I was friends with.”

I nearly choked on my prime rib.

“Your dad was in the Air Force and you were waiting for a place to open up in base housing,” I interrupted. “And if you heard you dad call for you – you had to drop what ever it was you were doing and get home and your dad had a one of a kind holler, kind of like a bullhorn.”

“Yeah,” he responded as a semi puzzled look crossed his face.

“And that fight – it was over whether Santa Clause was real or not,” I added.

He knew it before I could finish my sentence, “It was me who started that fight and got you in trouble.”

All I could do was choke back the tears I felt welling up and offer him my hand, saying, “I’m sorry.”

“No big deal,” Steve chuckled as he gripped my hand, “We were jus’ kids.”


(April 1997)

Match head strikes the grainy pad,
Miniature graphite stones glued in place,
Sparking up with flare and flame.
Bringing warmth and cooking heat.

No roar as it jumps to life.
Jus’ a gentle crackle from hunger,
Gobbling up leaves and twigs.
The tinder I set before the flame.

Smoke curls into my face,
Stinging my nose and eyes.
Yet I stare unblinkingly anyway
An’ breathe in as fully as I may.

In contrast, the whiteness of snowfall
Mixing with dirty brown wisps,
Called campfire smoke,
Blend with the orange glow of flame.

There is a stillness to the day
A quiet only natures’ voice affords,
With a campfire engulfing my mind
An’ snowflakes encircling my being.

Coffee is my great intent this morn’.
Grounds from last nights’ cup inside.
Stream water for to boil to brown mud.
Sitting, waiting, my one great reward.

Rumble then a chug, I wait and wait.
Smoke blows in my face, defiant,
Marking me with it’s burnt odor breath,
Angry that it works so hard while I sit.

Snow falling is quiet to the untrained ear,
Speaking loudly to anyone will to listen —
Wanting of a simple conversation
‘Tween cup of coffee and campfire.

My mind drifts away for a moment,
Lost on breeze and dancing snowflake
An’ the smoke forged in a campfire.
I could live like this — always.

“Would I have been able to survive?”
I asked thinking ’bout blade striking bone.
“Probably not,” I conclude
Content with the present life I live.

All Things Being Equal — But Aren’t

The Obama White Administration is continuing its pushing to have women assume combat roles. However, the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) has released statistics showing there’s no such thing as combat equality.

  • Females are injured at twice the rate of men in basic training.
  • Females suffer a rate of stress that’s four times higher than men.
  • Females on active duty suffer depression at more than twice the rate of men and “one of the triggers is exposure to combat” and “not adjusting to Army life.”
  • Females suffer a 50-percent higher rate of anxiety.
  • Females suffer the same rate of Post Traumatic Stress as men.
  • Females have twice the injury rates of men when carrying 70 pounds of gear.
  • Females arrive at basic training less fit than men.

The head of the CMR, Elaine Donnelly, says the results are a “scandal in the making” because there’s “no indication that young women …will be informed of the additional risk over and above what men do.”

Why the Rule of Law Matters

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport filed a complaint with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency over the treatment of a 15-year-old Mexican girl who was detained and questioned after arriving in Reno to visit family for the holidays. CBP officers claim she was taken aside because she had overstayed her travel visa by 11 days during a previous visit to the U.S.

Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority board chairman Andy Wirth and Marily Mora, the president and CEO of the airport filed the formal complaint on December 16 after the teen was denied contact with her family, who was not informed of the situation until about three hours after her arrival. The complaint also says the girl was left alone with an adult male, not given food until after she was questioned and that her family was “treated with sarcasm and disrespect while waiting…”

Wirth, who has a daughter about the same age as the detained teen, said: “If my daughter had received this treatment while traveling to any country, particularly to a neighboring, friendly country — I would be incensed, absolutely incensed.”

Reno City Ward 3 Councilman Oscar Delgado said complaints began this summer with reports of waits to get through customs lasting up to six hours: “There is a mistreatment taking place. There is an aggressive tone taken by CBP with respects to citizens and guests coming to the city of Reno.”

Frank Falcon, a spokesman for CBP in San Francisco, claimed he hadn’t heard of the situation until called by reporters. He did say though that overstaying a visa is a federal violation that can result in deportation, depending on the specific situation.

“Rules are rules, but we definitely look at minors differently. It’s a case by case basis though. There are so many different circumstances,” Falcon said.

This is a chance for all parties involved to learn something: when few people are following the rules as in this situation — this is what happens in an unruly society.

Their Successful Year

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting the idea that congressional approval of $50 billion in new spending for 2016 shows that Democrats still run Capitol Hill, and defended the huge spending bill as a necessary compromise between the two parties.

“Republicans felt like we needed [to be] responsive to the foreign policy threat that we’ve just been talking about, to spend more on defense,” he said. “And so, in order to achieve that, we had to work with a Democratic president who wanted to spend more on the domestic side.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan defended — but distanced himself from the $1.1 trillion spending bill Congress passed.

“This is divided government, and in divided government you don’t get everything you want,” Ryan said.

Ryan put responsibility for the agreement on his predecessor, former Speaker John Boehner claiming the bill was largely negotiated when he became speaker seven weeks ago.

“I walked into the speakership seven weeks ago with this process already in place, with this cake already baked,” claimed Ryan.

Democrats praised passage of the deal, crowing that they were able to force the GOP to agree to increase domestic spending as President Obama demanded. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid even said the bill capped off a “successful year” for Democrats.

Not only does it increase domestic spending, it also funds Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, it doesn’t place restrictions on the admittance of middle eastern refugees to the U.S.

Obama’s Anti-gun Cell Phone

For the last few weeks I’ve been waiting for President Obama to enact an Executive Order that would somehow restrict the purchase of firearms for people whose name appears on the federal no-fly list. However, instead of using his pen, he used his cell phone.

It became apparent when Obama and his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett met with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss the issue at the White House. Bloomberg, a notorious leader of nanny-state Progressive policies has dedicated billions of his own personal fortune to press for gun control all across America.

Following this meeting, the Obama administration began working on state-by-state bans. For instance, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy plans to use of an executive order to ban gun sales to people on the federal no-fly list, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Senator Charles Schumer are demanding federal government either pass the law or release the lists to state’s so they can create their own bans.

This isn’t jus’ a Eastern U.S. plan either as Nevada lawmakers have been asked by Congressional candidate and current state Senator Ruben Kihuen to take up legislation that ban gun sales to people on the federal no-fly list. Kihuen says the measure would help keep visitors safe when they visit Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve.

Fortunately, two-thirds of legislators in both Republican-controlled houses must agree on calling a session to make it happen. So far no one’s jumped on Kihuen’s band wagon.

“I don’t believe there’s any chance that two-thirds of us are going to agree to call ourselves together for a particular matter,” said State Senator James Settelmeyer. “I think it’s, sadly, pandering.”

And since I don’t have to be polite about it – I’ll call it what it is — bullshit!

Cell Phones, Propane Tanks and Pipe Bombs

A group of “Middle Eastern” men asking about the hydroelectric facility at Bagnell Dam in Camden County, Missouri have garnered the attention of the FBI. The men wanted to know if they could rent a boat and tour the dam.

Police say the report does not mean that there is any reason to be overly concerned. However, if you couple the report to the one’s where large number of cell phones were purchased at several mid-Missouri Walmart stores then there is something to be concerned over.

Two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri by purchasing 60 cell phones. This was followed by second purchase of dozens of cell phones at a Columbia Walmart, a third Walmart in Macon, Missouri and a fourth Walmart in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Now if this isn’t enough to raise a ‘red flag’ for law enforcement, take into account the large number of propane tanks stolen from several locations in Independence and Lee`s Summit, Missouri. Over 48 tanks were taken from a BP gas station and two CVS Pharmacy’s.

Following the thefts, a stash of explosives was discovered in Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. Officers found a huge cache of “extremely volatile” explosives, which police described to be of a style “that could not be purchased for recreational use.”

The extensive supply was all homemade pipe bombs, created and collected with a specific plan in mind. The stock was so dangerous that it couldn’t be safely moved and had to be detonated in place.

In March of 2015, a hit list from Daesh (ISIS) included the name and information of an Air Force member from Missouri. The state’s home to Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson, Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Pulaski and the Marine Corps’ Mobilization Command in Kansas City.

Of course, Snopes, the online debunking site, wants you to believe that none of this is happening.

My Gun Argument Goes to the Dogs

The group ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) is lending its support to an organization that aims to have Pit Bulls banned in the U.S. This organization is described as “a North American coalition of over 50 Pit Bull attack victim support groups, websites and major nonprofit organizations,” according to PETA’s website.

It alleges that Pit Bulls are problematic animals, dogs that it stereotypes as being dangerous to people, families, pets and farm animals and causing problems for taxpayers, shelters, law enforcement agencies. PETA believes killing healthy Pit Bulls saves them from abuse and that it is better to kill them than have them be abused.

A lot of animal rights people are up in arms over this and I am one of them. We cannot wrap our brains around the idea that banning an entire breed of dog is going to somehow make the world a safer place.

It’s easy for me to understand how they are unable to comprehend such an ignorant plan as I have the same difficulty understanding how people can claim that banning a particular type of gun, or gun component will make the world a safer place. It jus’ makes no damned sense.

Sticky Situation

While waiting in my truck at the local grocery store for my neighbor, a Jeep pulled into the spot next to me and a young couple got out. The guy was driving and the woman was on the passenger side, the side closest to me.

She stood there twisting and contorting, trying to see behind her as she ran her left hand over her derriere. Next she checked the seat for whatever it was she was looking for and apparently found nothing.

She quickly returned to her twisting and contorting, announcing aloud, “I dropped my gum and can’t find it,” adding, “I think it’s stuck to my ass.”

Without thinking, I responded, “Nope, I don’t see it.”

She turned, looked at me and smiled. Bending her bejeweled jean rear-end towards me, she asked in a joking way, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied as I turned bright red from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

She smiled, “Thanks,” and laughed as she shut the Jeep door and headed towards her boyfriend.

It was from him that I learned their relationship and he wasn’t the least bit pleasant about it, yelling, “What the hell are you looking at my girlfriend’s ass for?”

“Because he’s yelling at me!” I sarcastically shouted.

My retort caught him off guard and for a few seconds he was quiet, mouth open, but jaw moving. I took that time to slip my truck into gear and drive away from the coming confrontation.

As I zipped across the open parking lot, I looked back to see the woman pointing at her boyfriend laughing like there were no tomorrow. It was also obvious that he was madder than a wet hen.

I sped out of the parking lot, forgetting all about my neighbor, who ended up walking home with two bags of groceries.

MSNBC’s Stupidity Strikes Back

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s pissed over Star Wars and how Darth Vader is Black, but when he dies he becomes White. Ah, hell I’ll let the stupid woman explain it herself.

“I know why I have feelings — good, bad, and otherwise — about Star Wars. And I have a lot. I could spend the whole day talking about the whole Darth Vader situation.”

The dumb bitch is only 38-years behind in her rant.

“Yeah, like, the part where he was totally a black guy whose name basically was James Earl Jones, who, and we were all, but while he was black, he was terrible and bad and awful and used to cut off white men’s hands, and didn’t, you know, actually claim his son.”

As if it would have made sense for an obviously white leading character to have had a father who was not white, she then griped: “But as soon as he claims his son and goes over to the good, he takes off his mask and he is white. Yes, I have many, many feelings about that, but I will try to put them over here.”

Why’s this fucking idiot even on television — and more over – why does anyone watch her show? She’s nothing but a race-bating, feminazi who has nothing better to do than stir up hatred – especially where none exists.

Oh, how I’d love to be so completely politically incorrect and call her a name she truly deserves — but why lower myself.

Is Harry Reid in on the Faraday Future Deal?

A Chinese-backed and California-based Faraday Future plans to build a $1 billion electric car manufacturing plant outside Las Vegas, with billionaire Chinese investor Jia Yueting as the company’s major financial backer. From the onset of this news, I’ve been trying to puzzle-out if Senator Harry Reid had anything to do with it, because it sounds like his ‘kind of deal.’

Well, it could be as simple the fact that the new plant will be built inside Apex Industrial Park. Now Apex is managed by Land Development Associates, whose President is Dave Brown, a friend to Key Reid and son of Jay Brown.

But I’m betting it not that simple as Nevada politics is like Kabuki Theater.

Jay Brown is under investigation in Utah for an alleged bribery scheme embroiling Utah Attorney General John Swallow. In Reid’s 2009 autobiography, ‘The Good Fight,’ Reid calls Brown a “longtime friend,” with the families close to the point that their kids frequently played with one another while growing up.

Could be, I have the wrong Brown in mind — but I know that I don’t.

When you look at Reid’s past, there are his connections to the Chinese-back solar-power ENN Mojave Energy, where Reid, through confederates, tried to sell land to the now defunct company for a solar-panel farm. Add to this how Reid introduced Anthony Marnell II, chairman of XpressWest, another Chinese-backed consortium to Elon Musk, the owner of another well known electric car company called Tesla Motors.

Oddly, Musk had already announced plans to move his Hyperloop Technologies Inc. into the same Apex Industrial Park as Faraday prior to Yueting’s decision. To make this seem even more conspiratorial, four of the top five employees Faraday hired are all formerly of Tesla Motors.

Hyperloop, as described by Musk, will provide high-speed travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In 2012 Hyperloop Technologies formed a relationship with China Railway International USA, a consortium led by the Chinese government railway company, which has committed $100 million to the XpressWest project.

Then in September 2014 Reid met with executives from Hyperloop Technologies, where he was asked to introduce Musk and Marnell. As far as anyone can tell, that’s all that came out of that meeting, so at this point, where and how all of this shakes out is anyone’s guess.

Jack Joseph Brosnan, 1924-2015

“There was a time in Reno when the casino workers’ best friend was Jack Joseph. When they got off swing shift at midnight and went home to unwind, the late-night movies he hosted were the only thing on the air,” writes Dennis Myer of the Reno News and Review in August 2006.

Much of what Jack did on-air; either in radio or on the television would be considered hokey by today’s standards — with his down-home approach and corn-ball sense of humor — but in the 80’s he was the pinnacle that many in the broadcast business secretly want to be like. He knew how to get the stars talking and he knew how to get his audience involved.

Eventually, his show was cancelled and now only his coupons book are what newcomers to the area know him best for instead of his signature sign-off of, “blue skies, green lights and peace.” The “Jack Joseph Coupon Books” are still delivered to area mailboxes every month.

Born Jack Joseph Brosnan in Binghamton New York, August 25th, 1924, he passed away at the age of 91 on November 13th, 2015, in Reno, Nevada. Jack was preceded in death by his parents and two older sisters and is survived by his wife of 61 years Helen Kitt, daughter Jacqueline and cousins Edward, (Leslie) Ann, Michael and James Rapson.

Jack graduated from Central High in Syracuse New York and at the age of 18, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. As a member of B Company, 1st Battalion, 27th Regiment, 5th Marine Division, he was with the first wave to hit the beach during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Wounded twice during the battle, Jack was awarded he Purple Heart and was present for the raising of the U.S. flag on Mt. Suribachi.

Following World War II, he returned to school on the G.I. bill, graduating from Syracuse University to become a radio and TV announcer. His first gig was at WMBO in Auburn NY with a semi classical show called “The Jack J. Brosnan Show.”

Later he worked at WOLF, Syracuse NY; WGR in Buffalo, NY; WCLR, Clearfield, PA; WKKO, Cocoa Beach FL along the east coast. Moving west he could be heard on such notable stations as KTSM radio /TV, El Paso Texas and KSL radio /TV, Salt Lake City, Utah.

First arriving in Reno, Nevada, in 1962, Jack’s voice could be heard on KOH, KOLO radio/TV, and later on KCBN, broadcasting his shows live from the Waldorf restaurant on South Virginia Street in downtown Reno. He also hosted dance parties at the historic Riverside Hotel Casino and was even referred to as “The man who knew his music,” by Metronome and Down Beat magazines, both forerunners of today’s Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazines.

He hosted the TV shows, “‘The Jack Joseph Late Night Horror Show” and his “After Hours” show with many great movies and on camera interviews with performing artists and TV and movie stars that came to town. Jack also enjoyed broadcasting at the Reno Air Races and the Great Reno Balloon Races and was instrumental in starting the Catholic Mass TV, which still airs Sundays on KOLO TV.

In 2006, Jack was inducted into the Nevada Broadcast Hall of Fame. While I was working for KROW in Reno, I had the pleasure of getting to know him as he plied his one-of-a-kind craft, down the hallway from me at KNEV, during the early 90s.

There Are No Civilian’s in War

On June 6th of this year I responded to the Facebook meme by writing: “A person who returns fire isn’t a victim — they’re a combatant. LOL”

And I’m guessing Joseph Millard, some schmuck fro New Jersey, jus’ woke up from his slumber beneath whatever rock he was laying under and responded this morning, nearly six-months later, with: “So, when you miss your target and it kills an innocent by stander, what are you then. I prefer to live with civilians not combatants.”

“There are no civilians in war,” I returned, paraphrasing the comic book character, “Sgt. Rock,” of DC Comics fame.

Well, that must have got his panties twisted in a bunch because he really let me have it, responding to me as if he knows me or something:

“You live in a warzone Tom ? Didn’t know that Nevada got invaded. Sorry to here (sic) it. Were (sic) I live it is peaceful and we are civilians.

Also, you are a soldier Tom? What is your rank ? What unit are you in ? Who is your commanding officer ?

I see you are an ex-deputy reservist from your profile. You know we pay billions of dollars for Homeland security. The same that hunted down the bastards in CA and killed them.

So, what is the difference between being shot dead by a terrorist and shot dead by someone in a gun fight with a terrorists who missed his target ?

Not to mention I am not sure how being armed is going to prevent you from being shot at a Christmas party, unless you fell (sic) it is OK, to be at a Christmas part (sic), fully armed, and pointing a gun at every threat you deem necessary.

If you consider where you live a warzone and we are all combatants then I guess the terrorist have already won. We no longer have any peace, we no longer have the freedom because we are so busy judging and condemning each other.

That is mighty sad. I would hate to live where you live.”

Poor Joe is obviously an angry typist. But he jus’ had to open the door…

I shot back (no pun intended,) “It is only an armed citizenry that prevents tyranny, whether at a Christmas party by jihadi’s or by the federal government with its willing puppets and useful idiots. And no, not a soldier. First an Airmen and than a Marine. You, Joe? Ever stand a post?”

I’m betting he hasn’t and never will, preferring instead to let someone else do the harder things in life. But that’s another topic for another day.

And of course I couldn’t help pointing out his error in ‘thought,’ by adding: “And BTW — Homeland Security didn’t stop the jihadi terrorists in San Bernardino — the San Bernardino Police Department did that. In fact, the FBI was relegated to a secondary position while the local’s took the lead, killing both terrorists.”