Black Thug Kills White Teacher

Why the silence about such a brutal event? It’s hard to understand.

From the Daily Mail – “The student accused of murdering and raping his teacher was seen in surveillance footage rolling a recycling bin down a hallway and outside the school in court on Monday. Philip Chism, 16, sat quietly and emotionless while jurors watched video of him dragging the large blue recycling bin the prosecution claims contained the body of Colleen Ritzer, his math teacher at Danvers High School in Massachusetts.”

He is then seen returning to school with his pants covered in a dark red substance that appears to be blood. Fox Boston reports that jurors also saw footage of Chism walking into a nearby AMC movie theater that afternoon where a ticket for the film Gravity was purchased by someone on Ritzer’s credit card.

Chism, who was 14 at the time in October 2013, has admitted to killing his 24-year-old teacher, but is pleading not guilty on the grounds of insanity. Jurors also heard on Monday that Ritzer’s blood was found on a box cutter which was in Chism’s backpack as well as all the clothes he was seen wearing on the surveillance footage.”

Instead, we get to hear all about how a 17-year-old Black kid brandishing a knife and high on PCP, was gun down by a White Chicago cop. The media is quick to get on a news story like that fits their agenda which simply put claims “White people hate Black people and Black people can do no wrong.”

No word of condemnation yet from President Obama. And the Progressive media’s pretty fucking quiet too.

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