Keeping California’s Newsom Under the Gun

California Lt. Governor Gavin ‘Any Twosome’ Newsom wants to lead a fight against gun ownership — yet has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to surround himself with armed security.

When he was Mayor of San Francisco he spent upward of $72 million of the taxpayers money on personal protection. Then Newsom was elected to the position of Lt. Governor in 2010, assuming the office in 2011.

And the very next year, in July 2012, the Los Angles Times reported that the cost for providing security for Lt Governor Newsom was up nearly $30,000 above what it had been for his predecessor. According to the Times:

“The state spent $93,379 through May in the just-completed fiscal year on CHP protection for Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who took office at the start of 2011. The amount is up from the $65,954 spent in the previous fiscal year, the first half protecting Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, and the second half protecting Newsom.”

Here’s the bottom line: Newsom does not think allowing average Americans to be armed for self-defense does any good. But he has no problem spending millions to surround himself with armed security as mayor and to increase expenditures for armed security by $30,000 once he became Lt. Governor.

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