Let This Be a Lesson to Us

Charlie Sheen appeared on TV to say he is HIV positive and has indeed been so for four years. Apparently has spent millions on drugs and prostitutes – and hush money to keep this news private, but today decided to share it with the entire world.

Sheen’s case is one of many that can be pointed too in the last several months – if not years – that prove our nation in the throes of moral decay.

Bruce Jenner being celebrated with awards and magazine covers because he paid for a bunch of surgery, took a bunch of hormones and shaved his legs. Students on college campuses complain about Halloween costumes and whine about free tuition.

Plus, we have presidential candidates that claim the biggest threat facing us is the weather. And I know a number of people who care more about winning some damned online game than they do about liberty.

No wonder the Islamists call us infidels and no wonder they believe they can easily defeat us. I mean jus’ look around at what our nation has become — the land of “participation trophies,” “safe places” and “gun-free zones.”

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