The Game of Life: One-hundred to Nothing

This is a good lesson for ‘mug-wumps,’ or rather ‘Moderates,’ sitting on the fence. Most Moderates (and Independents, too) pick and chose what they like from wherever they find it and that makes their actions another form of Progressivism.

If something seems good to them, they adapt it to their belief system, despite where it might lead too. They are the ones who say “I support the 2nd Amendment,” but in the same breath feel a 30-round banana clip should be regulated or outlawed.

One cannot simple cherry pick what they like or dislike about a particular system – the bad goes with the good. I know what I know.

Edinson Volquez pitched in Game One of the World Series, unaware his father had passed away hours earlier from heart failure in the Dominican Republic. It was only after he left the mound, did he learn the news.

Personally, I’d want to know right away. Death notifications are an important responsibility and all too often I’ve heard and seen them screwed up by some unthinking, uncaring schmuck determined to get the job done and over with and not treat it with honor and as a sacred duty.

In Volquez’s case, his father’s passing was withheld from him on the say so of his wife, which for many somehow makes the decision okay. I disagree whole-heartedly and I said so on a national news site, posting: “…A child does need to know when a parent has passes away. (There are) bigger things in the Universe than winning a baseball game.”

One Florida man was so incensed he fired back, “Tom Darby must have taken his stupid pills this morning.”

My response was less than artful, “Jus’ because I disagree with how it was handled? Obviously, you’re a closet Progressive since you went straight to insults.”

Many of the same people who disagreed with me are also the same people who are calling for the heads of those who made a mess of Benghazi, leaving four Americans dead. Their main cry has been that ‘we are owed the truth.’

Those sentiments are all fine and dandy, until a World Series game is on the line. Evidently, the truth isn’t as important as winning an effing game.

The truth is relevant in all situations – whether a matter of national security or the personal life of a World Series pitcher. Fathers, mothers, parents, and family also matter – and in the end are far more important in our everyday lives.

The Bible reveals the words ‘father,’ ‘mother,’ ‘family’ and ‘parent’ are mentioned 100 times, but ‘Baseball,’ appears not once. I’ve concluded that we are praying to different ‘gods.’

The Kansas City Royals are this years World Series Champions. I know what I know.

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