Getting Out the Latino Vote

Democratic Congressman Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois claims Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is behind a surge of Latino youth voter’s registering: “Donald Trump is spurring youth voter mobilization like I’ve never seen before. Nationally we know that 93-percent of Latinos under the age of 18 are United States citizens.”

“Every thirty seconds a Latino citizen turns 18. That is about a million a year for the next decade or so,” he added. “If they are half as motivated as the young people I’m talking to in Chicago, Donald Trump could have a tremendous impact on the youth vote in the coming election.”

Trump is viewed unfavorably by 72 percent of Hispanics, with six in 10 having a very unfavorable opinion of him, a recent AP-GfK poll finds. Only 11 percent view him favorably.

Meanwhile, Gutiérrez is complaining about a bunch of 18-year-olds who’ll probably register as Democrats and who will more than likely vote for Bernie Sanders. I can’t find the downside in Gutiérrez’s argument when it comes winning a Progressive presidential election.

That’s because there isn’t one – proving Gutiérrez is either grandstanding or a complete moron. I’ll let you decide – but I’m betting on ‘complete moron.’

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