The Coming End for the U.S. Dollar

Does the collapse of the U.S. dollar begin to speed up November 1? If it does, it could trigger an event worse than the current economic recession we find ourselves dealing with right now. The International Monetary Fund’s executive board is scheduled to meet to decide on whether to include the yuan, also known as … Continue reading The Coming End for the U.S. Dollar


Spanish Energy Company Goes Busts on Eve of Climate Summit

As President Obama and his entourage, including California Governor Jerry Brown, jet off to Paris on Air Force One to attend the United Nations Paris Climate Change Conference that begins November 30, a new sustainable energy scandal has erupted. Unfortunately, the Progressive media will cover the administration’s ass rather than cover the story. Spain’s Abengoa … Continue reading Spanish Energy Company Goes Busts on Eve of Climate Summit

NSA’s Data Collection Program Reaches Milestone

The National Security Agency has supposedly ended its data collection of Americans’ phone records over the weekend. In its place will be a so-called ‘new, scaled-back system’ that has been in development over the last few months. Under the law, the NSA and other law enforcement agencies are prohibited from collecting telephone-calling records in bulk … Continue reading NSA’s Data Collection Program Reaches Milestone

Crime Catching Up With Reid

Davis County, Utah Attorney Troy Rawlings is investigating Nevada Senator Harry Reid in connection with a pay-to-play scheme involving two former Utah attorneys general. Reid has denied wrongdoing since a businessman said in 2013 that a former Utah attorney general arranged a deal to pay the senator to get rid of a federal investigation into … Continue reading Crime Catching Up With Reid

UPDATE: The Mysterious Winchester of Nevada

Remember the 133-year-old Winchester rifle found under a tree in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park in November 2014? The folks at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West's Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming have given it the once-over and are sharing some of their findings The butt of the old Winchester was buried in … Continue reading UPDATE: The Mysterious Winchester of Nevada

The DNC is Broke and in Debt

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is financially insolvent heading into the 2016 election year. Federal Election Commission records reveal the DNC reported a nearly million-dollar debt, marking the fourth month in a row that the DNC spent more money than it took in. The DNC raised $4,456,789 in the month of October, according to its … Continue reading The DNC is Broke and in Debt

Keeping California’s Newsom Under the Gun

California Lt. Governor Gavin ‘Any Twosome’ Newsom wants to lead a fight against gun ownership -- yet has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to surround himself with armed security. When he was Mayor of San Francisco he spent upward of $72 million of the taxpayers money on personal protection. Then Newsom was elected to the … Continue reading Keeping California’s Newsom Under the Gun

A Brief History of Violent Islamic Jihadism

Al Hijra is happening now, along with violent Islamic jihadism. This is the current phase in which we find ourselves today. We need leaders who are students of history and comprehend the various phases of Islam (or who are at least willing to admit to the facts.) First Mecca, Medina, Second Mecca and the global … Continue reading A Brief History of Violent Islamic Jihadism

Hold Your Applause, Please

Instead of clapping, start snapping. It’s called ‘snapplause.’ No really. And it’s triggering women anxieties, sending them running for their safe spaces. It began when Britain’s National Union of Students, who were holding a conference on women’s issues, when someone tweeted, “Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as … Continue reading Hold Your Applause, Please

Busting the $15-an-hour Wage Myth

Fast-food workers recently protested in support of a federal $15-an-hour minimum wage. The main argument is that employees believe they are living below the poverty line, which suggests an inability to provide a family with food, clothing, and shelter. First off, employment in the fast-food industry, unless upper management, should be an entry-position and not … Continue reading Busting the $15-an-hour Wage Myth

Something Seems Unbalanced

President Obama is dismissing the idea we should only take Christian refugees instead of Muslims: “That’s not American. That’s not who we are, We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.” And still he continues to allow Muslims in while denying the majority of Christian’s entry into the U.S. So far, 2151 Syrian refugees have … Continue reading Something Seems Unbalanced

Media Bias and Religious Iconography

The media is in the throes of trying to destroy Dr. Ben Carson's character. Progressive 'news' organizations like Politico wrote and published a hit piece challenging Carson's like story and were eventually debunked, forcing the authors of such crap to fess up to the swindle. Now they're going after some religious iconography he has hanging … Continue reading Media Bias and Religious Iconography

The Rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Here are nine reasons President Obama is wrong when it comes to having denied the permit application on the Keystone XL Pipeline: 1.  Simply building the southern part -- which didn’t need Obama’s approval -- has already created 4,000 construction jobs. 2.  The pipeline would carry up to 830,000 barrels of oil from Canada to … Continue reading The Rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Dates Matter to Jihadists

It was September 11, 1863, when Kara Mustafa led the Ottoman Empire against the Holy Roman Empire, where the surrounded the gates at Vienna, the gateway to Rome. The outcome was an extreme embarrassment to the empire, ending with Mustafa being beheaded by his own Sultan. On November 14, 1914, the religious leader Sheikh-ul-Islam declared … Continue reading Dates Matter to Jihadists

Hook or By Crook

President Obama in a recent NBC interview praised himself for his work on racial justice and combating discrimination as his administration executes the nation’s largest mass release of federal prisoners. But, like always, there’s an underlying hypocrisy in the Progressive agenda. As part of the movement the U.S. Sentencing Commission lowered maximum sentences for drug … Continue reading Hook or By Crook

Much to the Delight of ISIS

Police have identified the suspect accused of stabbing several people at the University of California, Merced as 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad of Santa Clara. After attacking a construction worker and two students, he rushed down two flights of stairs to the outside and stabbed a school employee sitting on a bench. He then fled and was … Continue reading Much to the Delight of ISIS

The Travails of Being an Anti-rape Activists

A few college campus anti-rape activists are complaining in the online publication, about how hard it is for them to get a guy to have sex with them. Worst still is that they claim that it’s all the guys’ fault. First, there’s UC-Berkeley's Meghan Warner, who serves as the director of the university’s sexual-assault commission … Continue reading The Travails of Being an Anti-rape Activists

California’s “Safety for All Act of 2016″

The failure to ban assault weapons in California hasn’t slowed down Progressives in their wish to destroy the 2nd Amendment. In new legislation called the “Safety for All Act of 2016″ they plan to ban the possession of magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds. It also mandates that every gun owner in the … Continue reading California’s “Safety for All Act of 2016″

The Equal Interval Scale

It seems like more and more children’s sports awards are nothing more than participation ribbons, so  kids self-esteem doesn't get hurt when they lose. Despite that trend, what one California school system is doing in the classroom is still a shock to many. The Cotati-Rohnert Park School District in Sonoma County has changed its grading … Continue reading The Equal Interval Scale

Sixteen Times Obama Lied about Syria

Since 2013 and most recently as July 2015, President Obama has repeatedly vowed that there would be no "boots on the ground" in Syria. Now however he’s directing the Pentagon to send Special Forces into Syria to advise the Syrian opposition in its fight against ISIS, claiming they are their as advisors. Remarks before meeting … Continue reading Sixteen Times Obama Lied about Syria

The Game of Life: One-hundred to Nothing

This is a good lesson for ‘mug-wumps,’ or rather ‘Moderates,’ sitting on the fence. Most Moderates (and Independents, too) pick and chose what they like from wherever they find it and that makes their actions another form of Progressivism. If something seems good to them, they adapt it to their belief system, despite where it … Continue reading The Game of Life: One-hundred to Nothing

Getting Out the Latino Vote

Democratic Congressman Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois claims Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is behind a surge of Latino youth voter’s registering: “Donald Trump is spurring youth voter mobilization like I’ve never seen before. Nationally we know that 93-percent of Latinos under the age of 18 are United States citizens.” “Every thirty seconds a Latino citizen … Continue reading Getting Out the Latino Vote

Paging Doctor Mengele, Please

The eleventh video featuring Planned Parenthood selling baby parts has been released. And it would make German Schutzstaffel officer and physician, Josef Mengele (of Holocaust fame) very proud. “My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” said Dr. Amna Dermish, speaking to actors posing as a fetal tissue procurement company. In layman's … Continue reading Paging Doctor Mengele, Please


The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee’s “Inclusive Excellence Center” wants to raise awareness of (in other words, ban) words and phrases, which it deems “microaggressions.” A Microaggression is the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their. … Continue reading Microaggressionism

The Fallacy of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’

My wife has heard this complaint from me before, "You can't turn on a sporting event, watch the frigging news or go to the grocery store without some sort of 'Breast Cancer Awareness,' crap popping up." Yes, learning that the disease exists, that it needs a cure and that over 40-thousand women die annually is … Continue reading The Fallacy of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’