Bend Over and Take It

Apparently, Health and Human Services is having a trouble convincing the 10.5 million people who are eligible for Obamacare to sign up. The initial HHS estimate for the number of people who would be signing up for coverage on the Obamacare exchanges next year was originally 20 million.

But that ain’t gonna happen. Instead the Obama Administration insists that the program is on “a much longer path toward equilibrium,” according to some faceless-nameless-brainless senior HHS official.

Meanwhile, penalties for Americans who lack health insurance will be rising dramatically in 2016 due to the individual mandate imposed by Obamacare. The penalty, or “tax,” as chief Justice John Roberts deemed it, will be rising to 2.5 percent of a household’s taxable income next year.

If you are an individual who doesn’t have health insurance, the penalty will be $625 for an adult and $347.50 for each child under the age of 18. The increase more than doubles the $325 fine imposed at present for lacking health coverage, and is six times the $95 that those lacking health insurance were forced to pay in 2014.

I tend to think that eventually even the most Progressive retard becomes a die-hard Conservative when you start effing with their money.

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