Fed’s Takes Family’s Land Near Area 51

Eighty-six percent of the Nevada is owned by the federal government. Now, private land owned by the Sheahan family since Abraham Lincoln was president, and overlooking the ‘secret base’ at ‘Area 51’ has officially been taken from them and given to the United States Air Force.

In the remote central Nevada desert, the Groom Mine has been an island of private property surrounded by a vast government buffer zone. The buffer zone’s patrolled by security troops to prevent people from getting a look at the so-called secret test base at Groom Lake.

Last month, the U.S. Air Force condemned the Groom Mine property when the Sheahan family who owns it rejected a $5.2 million government buyout. On September 16, federal Judge Miranda Du signed the order in the condemnation case giving possession of the Groom Mine property to the U.S. government.

The Sheahan’s have battled with the federal government for more than 60 years, first when radioactive fallout showered down on their property from atmospheric nuclear weapons tests at the nearby-Nevada Test Site in the early 1950s and later when the CIA and the Air Force developed an old airstrip along the Groom Dry Lake bed in 1955 to test the U-2 spy plane. The only part of the fight left for the family now is compensation and what will happen to the equipment, the buildings, and family members buried at there.

At least 20 family members have stakes in the joint 400 acres of property and mining claims. The family’s ancestors have mined for silver, lead, copper, zinc and gold during various times throughout the land’s known history.

The federal government made its final offer to the family after concluding the security and safety of defense testing in that area made private land ownership impossible. The feds valued the land at only $1.5 million, thus making their offer seem ‘more than generous.’

Nevada is slowly but surely becoming a colony of the federal government and our so-called state and federal leaders continue to do nothing about it.

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