Ignoring the Facts

I smell another ‘ Ahmed the Clock Kid’ in the making. You know the teen that ‘built’ a clock n a brief case purposefully to look like a ‘bomb,’ and the media and President Obama loved him up and turned him into a ‘misunderstood’ sensation?

Same things happening as the web history of the Umpqua Community College murderer showed him to be of mixed-race, aligned with groups like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Fuck The Police’ and ‘Fuck Yo Flag.’ However, most of that social media stuff is gone.

This little coward had a friend by the name of Mahmoud Ali Ehsani, whose profile has also disappeared. And he wrote about the attention given to the asshole that shot a television reporter and cameraman on air in Virginia in late August.


Umpqua Community College also appears to be deleting their association with the murderer (Not that I blame them,) but it should be known that he was part of a college theater class presenting the play, “Blithe Spirit,’ later this month. However, everything to do with that production’s been scrubbed.

Being part of a college production class and performance runs counter to the seemingly preferred media narrative of this murder being a loner. He also gave a “manifesto” to a surviving student of the shooting, but that’s not being mentioned either.


I’ve noticed that the media is continually selling the narrative that the murder was a loner, a mentally disturbed individual without any mention of his writings, behaviors and social tendencies. Furthermore, CNN has gone so far as to change the gunman’s skin color and thin his nose and lips, and no-one’s showing pictures of his mom, Laurel Margaret Harper, a Black woman — jus’ his White father.


This piece of shit’s real name is Christopher Sean Mercer (which I hate to publicize again,) but much of the media is using ‘Christopher Harper-Mercer’ and ‘Chris Harper-Mercer.’ That’s because it sounds more Caucasian and not at all Black.

It seems like the media is trying its damnedest to back-up Obama assertions about ‘yet another school shooting.’ But now that the killer’s online background’s being examined by those more interested in the truth than the agenda, Obama’s speech doesn’t line up with the facts.

Furthermore, Obama plans to visit Roseburg, Oregon, the hometown of Umpqua Community College, this Friday. His announcement has cause a social media outcry, calling on him to stay away, allowing the community to recover by itself, since his words following the tragedy were more like salt in the wound than a salve that heals.

I hope a large, armed, 2nd Amendment-loving crowd of rural Oregonians’ shows up to turn their backs on him as he glides across the stage to make yet another play at ridding U.S. citizens of all firearms. Hell, who knows – maybe he’ll incite a riot by proclaiming tighter restrictions through executive fiat.


I know – I’m not supposed to think such things, let alone put them into words – because it ain’t politically correct.

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