Pride Before a Fall

I never thought I’d be writing about a certain hairstyle, but then again I never thought I’d live to be as old as I am today. For the past several years I HAD to shave my head because I eventually developed a rash that wouldn’t go away.

However for the last few months I’ve been treating my scalp with ‘red light’ therapy and it really helped a lot. But in the last three weeks the rash returned with a vengeance, this time on my neck.

So, after doing everything I could to battle it, including up the amount of time I sat in front of my lamp, I decided to shave my neck and the sides of my scalp above my ears. In fact, I took it to the line where most male Jarheads keep their hair to pass inspection.

The only difference is, I cut nothing off the top in the style men wore back in the roaring 20’s. It’s called an undercut and I thought it looked pretty good, despite of having done it all by myself.

(Think of actor Tom Hardy’s haircut in the movie ‘Lawless,’ only a little higher and tighter.)

Unfortunately, my wife never acknowledged that I even cut my hair, though we were sitting in the living room next to one another. Then our house mate came home and took one look at me and stated emphatically: “That looks stupid.”

Neither woman was being mean. Kay tends to say exactly what’s on her mind, while Mary simply ignores my ever-changing hairstyle, commenting: “You change more than a woman.”

So I spent the next few hours sulking over the snubs while periodically going to the mirror to look at myself and assess whether I should keep it or not. In the end, feelings hurt and a little peeved, I chopped everything off and now I look like a very old ‘boot,’ once again.

Afterwards, vanity struck and I’ve since become mournful for my hair. It is proof that ‘pride goeth before a fall,’ because now I have to start all over re-growing it and looking goofy in the process.

And you know what else — I’m not Tom Hardy either — damn!

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