So You Know Where I Stand

As far as I’m concerned, mass shootings anywhere ain’t got nothing to do with the shooter, the law’s response time, politicians, schools or other public places — it instead has to do with an armed citizenry and the fact that we are not allowed to carry weapons, either concealed or openly in public areas.

I can’t wear my pistol on my hip and walk by the middle school up the street, unless I remain over 200 or so yards from the building. That puts me on the other side of the street by two blocks. This is my neighborhood too, dammit!

Toss all sorts of statistics at me that you want — they are jus’ numbers manipulated to mean one thing or the other. In the end, they mean nothing.

Instead, know that actions speak louder than numbers or words. If there had been one or more person’s armed at Umpqua Community College, aside from the murderer, this tragedy may never have happened. Cowards do not like confrontation.

Unfortunately, we will never know if my assumption is correct in this particular case. I can only direct your attention to other events where another armed citizen stopped a mass-killing in progress.

It’s time to take back OUR U.S. Constitutional right to ‘keep and bear arms.’ Wake up, AMERICA, wake the hell up!

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