My Iain Sinclair Knife

My next door neighbor, like me enjoys collecting different looking knives. The other day he came over and gave me one of the more unusual knives I’d ever seen.

iain sinclair knife 008 (2)

It’s called the “Iain Sinclair CardSharp,” and was originally designed as a lightweight surgical blade that could be used and disposed of by paramedics and aid workers around the world. It comes in either a plastic case which runs about seven dollars, like mine or in stainless steel which will set you back about 90 bucks.

iain sinclair knife 001 (2)

Its small enough to fit in my wallet and unfolds into a usable cutting instrument in three simple moves. First though, you have to unlock the blade from its plastic frame by twisting the round tab, which is pictured in the safe position below.

iain sinclair knife 003 (2)

Next, fold the blade backwards, making sure not to slice yourself in the process. Then, holding it against a flat surface, press the blade down and fold the smaller of the two triangles into place.

iain sinclair knife 005 (2)

iain sinclair knife 006 (2)

iain sinclair knife 007 (2)

Once that triangle is folded over, fold the larger one over top of the small triangle as well as the back-end of the blade. Secure the triangles in place by pressing the interlocking holes onto the corresponding nubs.

iain sinclair knife 009 (2)

The knife is now ready for use in an emergency or survival situation. And though I shouldn’t have to say this, the plastic body that doubles as a handle isn’t sturdy enough to be used like weapon and if done so, will lead to your being severely cut while using it as a stabbing tool.

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