Deadly Silence

Here’s a school-shooting story you may not have heard about from our national media:

A school shooting in South Dakota was stopped after a 16-year-old student opened fire with a handgun, wounding Principal Kevin Lein in the arm following an argument. Despite the wound, Lein got on the intercom to let the students and teachers know what had happened, assuring them he would be okay.

Meantime, assistant principal, Ryan Rollinger, tackled the student, holding him down along with a teacher until police arrived. Lein is reportedly doing well after suffering a flesh wound and has been released from the hospital.

And there are reports that the shooter is a Muslim and was seen asking people what their religion is. It is also what may have led up to the argument between the Principal and the would-be murder.

I had a training Sergeant warn once, “The wrong kind of silence, in even the best of condition can be deadly.”

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