Choose Wisely

In the 1989 movie, “Raider’s of the Last Crusade,” the bad guy Walter Donovan takes a jewel encrusted goblet, and thinking it’s the one Jesus drank from on the night he was betrayed, drinks from it. He quickly regretted having done so, because he died a hideous death immediately afterwards.

It’s said that life imitates art, so it should be of no surprise that following Pope Francis’ speech to a joint session of Congress, Pennsylvania’ Democratic Congressman Ben Brady, a Catholic, rushed up to the lectern and stole the Pope’s glass of water. He took this modern-day Holy Grail to his office and drank from it as did his wife, Debra, and two staffers.

The congressman also invited Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania into his office, where Casey, his wife, and Casey’s mother dipped their fingers into the water. Brady saved the rest to bless his four grandchildren and his great-granddaughter, all of which is creepy if you ask me.

As the ‘Guardian of the Holy Grail’ from the movie told Indiana Jones: “You must choose. But choose wisely, for as the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.”

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