A Fire on Nightingale Way

It was around 11:30 at night as I stepped out into our backyard to let our eldest dog relieve herself, when I heard a dog barking wildly. Barking dog’s in our neighborhood is nothing unusual, so I ignored it and went back inside with my pet.

Later, I could see the flashing red light dancing off my window’s blinds, alerting me that something was happening up the street. Fire trucks, ambulances and law enforcement vehicles are nothing new to this neighborhood, so I ignored it, rolled over and fell asleep.

In the morning air, there was an odor that can best be described as smoke from a trash barrel. Again, I ignored as nothing to be alarmed about.

Then as I left the house, I saw a bunch of activity three houses up the block. Official vehicles parked on either side of the street, men moving about and the homeowners standing in their drive.

It was then that I realized my neighbor’s had lost their home in a blaze. Happily, the family of three and their four dogs escaped harm.

Ashamedly, I brushed-off three opportunities to be a good neighbor, offering care and comfort. The verb ‘ignore’ is the root word of the noun ‘ignorance,’ to which there is no excuse for either.

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