Murder on McLemore Court

It was around 11:30 Saturday night, April 25, 2015, when shots rang out at a home on McLemore Court in Spanish Springs. As the gun smoke cleared, two men lay dead at the foot of the drive.

Detectives say the residents of the home claim they heard a disturbance outside and when checking on it, were ‘confronted’ by ‘two strangers.’ The alleged confrontation left 20-year-old Ryan Robins and his 29-year-old brother Glen Robins dead.

The shooter, in his late-50’s, also wounded his 75-year-old father. The Washoe County Sheriff’s office also says neither of the dead men had a weapon.

The sheriff’s office continues to characterize the events leading up to the shootings as some sort of ‘domestic disturbance.’ On the other hand, neighbors say the brothers were ‘horse playing,’ with a third man before the confrontation in the street.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bob Harmon went on record to say of the homeowners, “I would say that there was definitely a confrontation in which the men felt threatened.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff’s Lieutenant Tom Green contradicted parts of Harmon’s statement.

“It would be too early for me to say that this is going to be self-defense or that it was self-defense,” Green said, adding, “but that is certainly an option.”

The sheriff’s office also stated no one’s been arrested and that the shooter continues to cooperates. Meanwhile, the Medical Examiner’s Office says Glen died from multiple gunshot wounds, while Ryan died from two gunshots to the torso.

A neighbor told the Reno Gazette-Journal that jus’ before he went to bed, a fight outside broke the neighborhood’s silence.

“It sounded like several adults arguing, men, I couldn’t get the gist of the conversation, but one of them yelled something I couldn’t catch it and then I heard three shots fired,” he said.

“The cul-de-sac was lit up from the lights from the police officers, so I came out of my garage and I look down and I see two bodies laying in the driveway,” he added.

Another neighbor said deputies threatened her with arrest if she didn’t return to her home after seeing them arrive on scene. She lives near the home where the killings happened and said her adult son had been outside, skateboarding with the two brothers’ before the shootings took place.

Five months after the murders’ she has yet to be questioned by detectives, though they’ve supposedly told the dead men’s mother that the woman had refused to make a statement.

Nevada is one of 30 states with “stand-your-ground laws” that allow the use of deadly force against attackers posing an imminent threat regardless of whether the aggressor is armed. Nevada law also says the shooter cannot be the original aggressor.

The question in this case is who was ‘the original aggressor’?

From the sounds of it, it wasn’t the Robins brothers. From everything I’ve been able to gather, the two men in the home went outside and began an argument with the brothers and when the confrontation became physical, the son pulled a firearm and shot the pair to death.

UPDATE: March 8, 2016 — The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office says that an exhaustive investigation into the 2015 shooting deaths of two Spanish Springs men has determined the shooter acted in self-defense, and in defense of his 50-year-old brother and 75-year-old father making this a justifiable homicide per Nevada Revised Statutes.

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