“Amen,” I finished, as I adjusted the pillow under my head.

Now it was time to wait for sleep to arrive. And as usual my mind rapidly wound through the day’s activities and thoughts about worldly events.

“When will I not have to write so much political shit?” I groaned, thinking about the frenetic writing habit I had developed over the last couple of years. I rolled over, closing my eyes, pretending to be asleep to fall asleep.

Still my mind was a whirlwind of activity. Thoughts zipped through my brain and prattled around like unattended children till my mind settled down and my body relaxed.

And as I faded towards sleep, the word ‘Shemitah,’ popped into my head. It was so faint a thought, I nearly ignored it.

“Shemitah,” I whispered. “‘Release’ in Hebrew.”

For months I’d been studying the ‘Shemitah,’ the seven-year cycles that means “to release.” This cycle’s set to begin, as close as I can tell September 13, though others smarter than I think it could happen as early as the eleventh or as late as the fifteenth.

Either way, it will trigger a small financial event that will cascade into a world-wide economic crisis. I’ve come to believe it will be worse than the last recession we went through – and all because we didn’t turn back to God as a nation.

Flipping through this knowledge like a spinning Rolodex, I suddenly realized I had been given the answer to my question about my writing task. Sleep overcame me fast at that point and rested well throughout the night and deep into the morning.

That morning I knew I was ‘released’ from the journey God had pressed upon me and that it would take effect as the month of the Shemitah began. It’s reassuring to know I’ve done all I’ve been asked to do and that there’s nothing left for me to do.

It’s God’s turn beginning September 1 and I’m thankful. Amen.

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