End of the Line for Nevada Health Co-Op

The Nevada Health Co-Op, created as part of ObamaCare, is closing down at the end of the year because of high costs. Participants will be covered through the end of 2015, but will have to choose another insurance provider when open enrollment begins in November.

Co-ops around the country are struggling. Regulators shut down one covering Iowa and Nebraska, while another in Louisiana says it plans to shutdown too.

This is classic Progressivism. You get what you pay for — and when you don’t pay for anything, but others do — you get nothing in return.

Life Lesson #25

Stop acting like everything is fine if it isn’t.
It’s okay to fall apart for a little while.
You don’t always have to pretend to be strong, and there is no need to constantly prove that everything is going well.
You shouldn’t be concerned with what other people are thinking either – cry if you need to – it’s healthy to shed your tears.
The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to smile again.

Busting an Ambush

We came across a small curving stream at a point where the water ran into a heavily jungled ravine. It was the perfect spot for an ambush – only the enemy had gotten there first.

The stream was about seven feet wide and our point man crossed it by leaping to a rock in the middle then to the far bank. As his feet hit the far side, he froze, his eyes searching the thick undergrowth.

Seeing this, our Staff Sergeant, who was the second man in the column, signaled the rest of us to halt and to watch our flanks. Then crossing the stream himself, he located the trip-wire that ran along the bank.

The rest of the squad began descending into the ravine, quickly but cautiously. No sooner had they set up to begin crossing, than one of the Marines spotted an enemy soldier kneeling behind a bush near the upper edge of the ravine.

The man was facing away from our position, unaware that we were behind him. It didn’t stop the unnerved new guy from dumping an entire magazine into the unsuspecting man.

In turn, at least six enemy-fighters hidden further up the draw fired on the FNG. The Marine was hit in the legs and the side, falling instantly.

Rushing to his side, I dragged him back to the cover of several large rocks where I immediately went to work on his wounds. The raking tore up both legs, while the wound to his side was a simple laceration.

The other members of the squad hit the ground, but failed to lay down suppression fire. The Staff Sergeant took a round to the head, having been zeroed in on by a sniper.

I sprinted to where he lay, only to confirm what I already knew – he was beyond medical aid.

As this occurred, the squad suffered another casualty — the M-79 gunner who’d been hit in the head, but not killed. The other ‘Thumper’ operator was pinned down in the open and could not fire effectively.

This was the reason I had taken the Hospital Corpsman’s oath. Gulping a deep breath, I jumped up and raced to the gunner, jus’ as a couple of Gyrene’s brought their M-240 machine gun into action, firing it from behind a small mound of earth.

As the weapon opened up, we came under even more intense fire from grenade launchers and AK-47’s.

Grabbing the gunner’s webbing I began tugging him towards a fallen tree. Seeing my struggle, the Marine, who had been pinned down jus’ seconds before joined me and together we got the unconscious man to cover.

Across from us, another Grunt, having spotting a pair of communist machine guns in the processes of being set up, leveled his rifle and squeezed the trigger. It was at that moment he discovered he had forgotten to change magazines in the heat of first contact.

Thinking fast, he pulled a hand grenade from his webbing, popped the spoon, and giving it a two-count, lobbed it underhanded, as he grabbed dirt. The oblong piece of metal arched up, and exploded a foot or so over the men.

Both communist’s should have died, but one tried to crawl away. Seeing this, the Jarhead exploded from concealment and pounced on the man with his K-Bar.

Then like that – it was over. The enemy seemingly melted into the jungle leaving us to collect our dead Staff Sergeant and two wounded Leatherneck’s while finding 41 dead enemies and to search for any usable intelligence.

Anchor Baby

ABC News’ Tom Llamas tried lecturing Donald Trump.

“Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby’ — that’s an offensive term?”

“You mean it’s not politically correct and yet everybody uses it? So you know what? Give me a different term — give me a different term on what you would like to say.”

“How about an ‘American-born child of undocumented immigrants?’”

“So you want me to say that — okay. I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’ Excuse me — I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’”

These same reporters won’t use the term “baby” to describe who Planned Parenthood is murdering.

Practicing Murder for Profit

The Center for Medical Progress released its seventh Planned Parenthood video. The acts described in it are hard for anyone to defend and politicians or lobbyists who say they don’t happen are lying.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she’s proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and will “never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions.” Clinton also said the videos were “disturbing, while adding the organization does “a lot of really good work for women.”

Unfortunately, that ‘good work’ includes infanticide for profit.

The Black American Refugee?

A recent article at the WaPo says Black Americans are actually “refugees.”

“To make an asylum case for black persecution, I wouldn’t have to reach back to 400 years of slavery, lynching, segregation and Jim Crow. I would focus, instead, on the current prolific system of racist policing, mass incarceration and selective prosecution,” writes immigration defense lawyer Raha Jorjani.

This is yet another example of “victimization” by Progressives. Thankfully, Black Americans can be anything and live anywhere they want, they can go to college or start a business, rise to the rank of military General and even become President.

For now.

The Iranian Self-inspection Delusion

The U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is going to let Iran self-inspect several of its most sensitive nuclear installations, and the Obama White House says its fine with that. Iran is to provide the IAEA with photos and videos of locations linked to weapons work, “taking into account military concerns.”

That wording suggests the agency won’t get photo or video information from areas Iran says are off-limits because they have military significance. Meanwhile, the White House is downplaying the report, saying it has “every confidence” in the IAEA and its approach to Iran.

What could go wrong?

A Fire on Nightingale Way

It was around 11:30 at night as I stepped out into our backyard to let our eldest dog relieve herself, when I heard a dog barking wildly. Barking dog’s in our neighborhood is nothing unusual, so I ignored it and went back inside with my pet.

Later, I could see the flashing red light dancing off my window’s blinds, alerting me that something was happening up the street. Fire trucks, ambulances and law enforcement vehicles are nothing new to this neighborhood, so I ignored it, rolled over and fell asleep.

In the morning air, there was an odor that can best be described as smoke from a trash barrel. Again, I ignored as nothing to be alarmed about.

Then as I left the house, I saw a bunch of activity three houses up the block. Official vehicles parked on either side of the street, men moving about and the homeowners standing in their drive.

It was then that I realized my neighbor’s had lost their home in a blaze. Happily, the family of three and their four dogs escaped harm.

Ashamedly, I brushed-off three opportunities to be a good neighbor, offering care and comfort. The verb ‘ignore’ is the root word of the noun ‘ignorance,’ to which there is no excuse for either.

Saying No to ‘Pro-life’

West Career and Technical Academy junior Angelique Clark of Las Vegas, Nevada, says the school’s banned her pro-life club ‘Students for Life,” while allowing a Gay-Straight Alliance club. So she’s suing the school for violating her right to free speech.

When Clark asked to start the club in December of 2014, school officials dragged their feet. When she finally got her meeting, the vice-principal told her she couldn’t have the club because it was too “controversial” and that others were “more qualified” than her to speak on the subject.

No word from the ‘preborn’ babies, so far.

The Instructions

“Roger,” the deputy answered, “Both the coroner and a recovery team.”

He looked down at the body, having seen this before. The lifeless form of a human being, a man in this case, still clothed, blackened, shriveled and desiccated – another case of death by thirst.

He joined the rancher, who had found the man, in the search for the missing note that the rancher claimed had been left under the old whiskey bottle that lay empty next to the body hand of the dead man.

“Well, it could have blown clear to old Mexico by now,” the rancher stated as he gave up his search.

“Any idea what it read?” the deputy questioned.

“Jus’ instructions on how to prime the pump and a warning not to drink the water in the bottle,” came the ranchers answer.

The two men walked back to where the dead man fell, now mummified by the desert heat and dry wind. The rancher sighed heavily, “Guess he didn’t follow the instructions.”

The deputy shook his head from side-to-side, “Probably didn’t know how to read a word of English, either.”

“That too,” the rancher agreed.

‘Safer’ by the Dozen

First, there were the five Taliban commanders traded for the traitor, Bowe Bergdahl. Now President Obama has quietly “repatriated a dozen detainees from a small U.S. military prison in Afghanistan…”

In a letter to Congress, Obama informed lawmakers that 38 non-Afghan prisoners remained at the Parwan Detention Center outside of Kabul. Meanwhile, a Frenchman, a Kuwaiti and 10 Pakistani are back home, let go in late May of 2015.

Don’t worry though — the pro-jihad Pakistanis say they’ll watch them to make sure they don’t have any “militant ties.”

Hillary’s Scapegoat

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted confidante, is increasingly becoming a central figure in the presidential wannabe’s email scandal. Clinton recently told a federal judge that Abedin had her own email account on the server, “which was used at times for government business.”

Classified materials with national security implications are to be stored in such a way that unauthorized people cannot gain access to them. Clinton used of a private, unsecured server instead of an official government server.

Loyalty comes at a price with Clinton.

When Tithing is a Demand

A 92-year-old woman’s been kicked out of her of church after 50-years. Josephine King received a letter from the First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia, saying she couldn’t attend because she wasn’t tithing.

The letter, signed by Senior Pastor Derrick Mike, says King can’t “participate in any engagements (or) worship opportunities” because of “non-support…in the areas of financial and physical participation.”

King’s been sick for several months, which is why she didn’t go to church or tithe. So much for compassion.

Perhaps Pastor Mike needs a lesson from a ‘strategically placed’ burning bush.

Why Tymaine Sellman Matters

Tymaine Sellman was shot to death in December 2014. His shooting happened long before current the unrest over the death of Freddie Gray.

Police said the 19-year-old Black man died at a local hospital after being shot multiple times. So far, no one’s been arrested in connection with his murder.

If #BlackLivesMatter really mattered, you might have heard Tymaine’s name on the national news. But his death doesn’t fit the Progressive agenda.

He wasn’t killed by a White police officer.

Restoring Cuban Relations

Fidel Casto celebrated his 89th birthday by arguing the U.S. must pay for damages caused by our embargo of his nation. The old dictator didn’t say how much we owe; however, in January 2015 he did demand Naval Base Guantanamo Bay be handed over.

“Cuba is owed compensation equivalent to damages, which total many millions of dollars, as our country has stated with irrefutable arguments and data in all of its speeches at the United Nations,” he writes in the state-run Communist Party newspaper Granma.

And knowing President Obama — he may give it to him.

Former HSU Football Player Drowns

Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff Carlos Francies, a former Humboldt State University football player, died in an accidental drowning at South Lake Tahoe, August 13. He saw his sister and her male friend fall in the water and begin to struggle.

While Francies was able to save them, he failed to reach the shore, sinking in 15 feet of water. He was pronounced dead after being taken to Barton Memorial Hospital.

“He is a hero and an example of exactly what is right in law enforcement today,” his boss, Contra Costa County Sheriff David O. Livingston said.

Murder on McLemore Court

It was around 11:30 Saturday night, April 25, 2015, when shots rang out at a home on McLemore Court in Spanish Springs. As the gun smoke cleared, two men lay dead at the foot of the drive.

Detectives say the residents of the home claim they heard a disturbance outside and when checking on it, were ‘confronted’ by ‘two strangers.’ The alleged confrontation left 20-year-old Ryan Robins and his 29-year-old brother Glen Robins dead.

The shooter, in his late-50’s, also wounded his 75-year-old father. The Washoe County Sheriff’s office also says neither of the dead men had a weapon.

The sheriff’s office continues to characterize the events leading up to the shootings as some sort of ‘domestic disturbance.’ On the other hand, neighbors say the brothers were ‘horse playing,’ with a third man before the confrontation in the street.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bob Harmon went on record to say of the homeowners, “I would say that there was definitely a confrontation in which the men felt threatened.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff’s Lieutenant Tom Green contradicted parts of Harmon’s statement.

“It would be too early for me to say that this is going to be self-defense or that it was self-defense,” Green said, adding, “but that is certainly an option.”

The sheriff’s office also stated no one’s been arrested and that the shooter continues to cooperates. Meanwhile, the Medical Examiner’s Office says Glen died from multiple gunshot wounds, while Ryan died from two gunshots to the torso.

A neighbor told the Reno Gazette-Journal that jus’ before he went to bed, a fight outside broke the neighborhood’s silence.

“It sounded like several adults arguing, men, I couldn’t get the gist of the conversation, but one of them yelled something I couldn’t catch it and then I heard three shots fired,” he said.

“The cul-de-sac was lit up from the lights from the police officers, so I came out of my garage and I look down and I see two bodies laying in the driveway,” he added.

Another neighbor said deputies threatened her with arrest if she didn’t return to her home after seeing them arrive on scene. She lives near the home where the killings happened and said her adult son had been outside, skateboarding with the two brothers’ before the shootings took place.

Five months after the murders’ she has yet to be questioned by detectives, though they’ve supposedly told the dead men’s mother that the woman had refused to make a statement.

Nevada is one of 30 states with “stand-your-ground laws” that allow the use of deadly force against attackers posing an imminent threat regardless of whether the aggressor is armed. Nevada law also says the shooter cannot be the original aggressor.

The question in this case is who was ‘the original aggressor’?

From the sounds of it, it wasn’t the Robins brothers. From everything I’ve been able to gather, the two men in the home went outside and began an argument with the brothers and when the confrontation became physical, the son pulled a firearm and shot the pair to death.

UPDATE: March 8, 2016 — The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office says that an exhaustive investigation into the 2015 shooting deaths of two Spanish Springs men has determined the shooter acted in self-defense, and in defense of his 50-year-old brother and 75-year-old father making this a justifiable homicide per Nevada Revised Statutes.

No Upside to Being Down

Sometimes sadness gets the better of me and becomes full-blown depression. It’s the down side to being a manic-depressive or rather ‘bi-polar disordered.’

This bout came on after a lengthy week of ups and downs. Everything from being overly tired, to the death of a friend, to news our housemate is retiring and moving to Las Vegas.

That last bit hit me like a ton of bricks. In the end though, I’ll pick myself up, dust myself off and I’ll press on.

Gotta admit its difficult when life happens in such rapid fashion.


The EPA’s Superfund Biltzkrieg

An EPA crew inspecting the Gold King mine near Silverton, Colorado, released at over three million gallons of water laden with toxic heavy metals, including zinc, iron, copper, lead and arsenic among other heavy metals into the Animas River on August 5. High levels of these metals can cause all sorts of health problems from cancer to kidney disease to developmental problems in children.

Interestingly, a letter to the editor published in ‘The Silverton Standard and The Miner,’ on July 30, 2015 predicted the ‘accident.’ Authored by retired geologist Dave Taylor a week before the EPA’s mining mishap, it warned of an EPA “Superfund blitzkrieg.”

Taylor’s letter described how EPA officials would pollute the river on purpose so they could secure Superfund money. He also explained how the fouled-water would be released because of the buildup of too much pressure by the EPA’s plugging of the mine.

The EPA quickly admitted they misjudged the pressure in the gold mine – just as the editorial predicted. Under the scenario described, Taylor claimed the EPA would need instant funding to build a treatment plant for the clean up process.

EPA regional administrator Shaun McGrath claimed, “This was not intentional, obviously. The EPA was out doing this work to try to address what is an ongoing problem. In terms of why it happened, we are doing a complete look back at that to try an understand it.”

McGrath promised to hold people accountable in the same way the EPA would respond to a similar disaster caused by anyone else. But so far, no one’s been fired or disciplined.

The agency has pushed for nearly 25 years, to apply its Superfund program to the Gold King mine. If declared a Superfund site, this would end all future mining development in the area.

Though President Obama’s EPA opposes all mining in the U.S., the idea that this could’ve been on purpose is too awful to contemplate – but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

The Importation of Islamic Terror

Recently, the FBI released an alert to law enforcement agencies about men described as being of Middle Eastern descent intimidating military families. The alert specifically named Greeley, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming, as locations where military families had been approached and harassed.

The bulletin described an incident in May in which the wife of a military member was approached in front of her home by two Middle Eastern men. The men said she was the wife of a U.S. interrogator.

Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Denver office says it can’t confirm the authenticity of that alert. Special Agent Amy Sanders, spokeswoman for the FBI Denver Bureau, said the office didn’t release any such alert.

However, Nathan Hunerwadel, a spokesman for the state division of homeland security, said his agency was aware of the FBI bulletin, but that his office did not know the details of any specific cases of harassment in Greeley, Cheyenne or elsewhere. Furthermore, F.E. Warren Air Force Base confirmed the existence of the alert on August 5 when it posted a “heads up” on its Facebook page.

The bulletin and its denial are connected to President Obama’s “Refugee Resettlement Program.” Most Americans are unaware of the program and that under it, “whole Muslim communities from hostile nations are (being) imported into the U.S.”

In the last three years, 300,000 Muslims migrated to the U.S. It’s expected that 9,000 or more Syrian refugees will arrive this year with a plan to bring at least 75,000 over the next five years.

Then there’s the ‘Preferred Communities Program,’ which considers small towns and rural areas to be most suited to refugees and migrants because they’re best able to offer the kinds of services needed. The over-saturation in large metropolises’ like New York City and Chicago has drained those city’s resources dry.

Finally, these so-called refuges are being moved into Colorado and Wyoming with a singular purpose; to get subsidized Section 8 housing vouchers to take to other states. Waitlists for voucher in big cities are often years long, if not closed all together, making small cities like Cheyenne and Greeley more attractive because of shorter wait times.

Follow this up with the knowledge that the United Nations is the one determining who’s a refugees and whose not. It is also interesting to note that the U.N. is driven largely by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly the Organization of the Islamic Conference.)

Finally, there’s Hijra, or the Islamic doctrine of immigration, which works in concert with violent jihad to overwhelm a society until Islam becomes the single dominant force. And let’s not forget how Obama has eased requirements for potential migrants who have links to “soft” terror.

We are importing Islamic terror – but the FBI wasn’t supposed to let that ‘cat out of the bag’ by issuing that bulletin.

Jeb Bush, Common Core and Nevada

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush — who championed federally funded Common Core standards — continues distancing himself from them. During the recent FOX News GOP debate, Bush said he didn’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of education standards.

“I don’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of standards directly or indirectly, the creation of curriculum or content. It is clearly a state responsibility,” he said.

He added, “If states want to opt out of Common Core, fine; just make sure your standards are high.”

For Bush to approve Common Core and to claim he doesn’t believe the federal government should be involved is a paradox that wasn’t challenged by debate moderators. Bush’s statement that it’s okay to opt out of Common Core, but to “make sure your standards are high” also shows he doesn’t believe in state control of education, but rather having states adhere to federal regulations.

Bush will hold a noontime meet-and-greet Wednesday in Reno. Later in the evening, the Progressive GOP presidential candidate’s scheduled to attend a North Las Vegas town hall meeting.

Speaking of Nevada and Common Core, state lawmakers have given the final go-ahead to adopting Common Core math standards for high school students. A 12-member Legislative Commission voted 11-1 to approve the regulations, which have supposedly been reviewed several times.

Unfortunately, the move was the last piece needed to fully apply Common Core-aligned standards in high school. In the past, they were excluded from regulations because of technical problems.

Those problems included a widespread computer crash in Nevada, Montana and North Dakota. Furthermore, computer errors started appearing three weeks into the 12-week testing window, with only 30,000 students completing the required tests in English language arts and math before the servers overloaded.

The Nevada Department of Education filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire-based Measured Progress, the company hired to oversee testing, citing breach of contract. This year, Nevada has hired a new testing service, CTB/McGraw-Hill at a cost of $51 Million to the citizens of Nevada over the next four years.

In the end, whether regulated by the states or the federal government, Common Core is nothing more than a re-education platform, aimed at instilling Progressive beliefs in our children without their knowledge and without parental consent.

Progressive Spoiler Alert and Zombies

Trump is directly connected to Hillary Clinton and so is his decision to campaign as a Republican. As reported by the WaPo:

“Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for the White House, according to associates of both men.

Four Trump allies and one Clinton associate familiar with the exchange said that Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape.”

Recently, Trump self-identify as a Democrat and donated a lot of money to them, giving around $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. MSNBC points out:

“He donated to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaigns in 2000 and 2006, her presidential campaign in 2008, and has given at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. And Clinton sat in the front row of Trump’s 2005 wedding.”

Trump also criticized Scott Walker, railing against a man who won three elections against a Progressive state-run machine, curtailed the government unions’ power and restored the state budget. He faulted Walker for falling short of budget projections and changing his position on Common Core education standards.

Now, many Republicans are afraid Trump is hurting the party. That’s because the GOP’s filled with Progressives, who can no longer tell the difference between the truth and playing to the crowds.

Meanwhile, Trump continues playing both to and down too Conservatives, with his ‘no-hold’s barred’ rhetoric. In the end, he’ll implode, much like Ross Perot did in 1992 for Bill, giving the White House to Hillary.

On the upside, their plans could fall through, as ‘Havana on the Willamette,’ (better known as Portland, Oregon) set the record for a rally held by Bernie Sanders, with 28,000 people in attendance. The avowed Socialist pledged to fight for universal health care, free college tuition, $15 an hour wage,” three months of paid leave for mothers and fathers, higher taxes on corporations, and the ‘corruptive influence of big money’ on American politics.

Clinton can only dream of such numbers when it comes to supporter’s attending her rallies. And it’ll become even more difficult if the media suddenly starts reporting on Sander’s with the same intensity they fake for both Clinton and Trump.

And as we wait, the same media continues to investigate if Megyn Kelly bleeds, or if she’s indeed yet another broadcast zombie.

FOX is Loser in GOP Debates

FOX’s GOP debates were watched by 24 million viewers, making it the highest-rated primary debate in television history. For perspective, the first GOP primary debate four years ago, also on Fox, attracted 3.2 million viewers and the most-watched primary debate that year, broadcast by ABC, reached 7.6 million.

You might disagree over which candidate fared best in the Republican debate, but one thing is indisputable — Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace all lost. For over two hours, they demonstrated that Fox News offer’s no safe harbor for Conservative values.

It was clear from the get-go that Fox News had nothing but softball questions for Jeb Bush aimed at highlighting his family legacy and accomplishments. Meanwhile, the questions directed at Donald Trump were accusations and insults, which had nothing to do with running the country.

And jus’ as the Democrats have already crowned Hillary their nominee; Progressive Republicans have crowned Jeb theirs. If this continues, we’ll all get to go to the voting booths next November and once again choose the least offensive candidate.

But as we begin the low-road to ever-more Progressive governance and leadership, the debate is also the beginning death-knell of Fox News. This follows the departure of Rupert Murdoch as the head of the parent company – 21st Century Fox.

Murdoch is one of two people who created Fox News. The other is Roger Ailes, whose contract is running out and most likely won’t be renewed.

That’s because Murdoch has two sons — James, who was publicly characterized as an “effing dope” by Ailes and Lachlan, who was fired by Ailes. Unfortunately for Ailes, James will become the new CEO while Lachlan will become an executive co-chairman.

And if that wasn’t enough, the candidates had to share the stage with Facebook, who co-sponsored the debates. The three FOX News moderators reportedly used questions taken from the popular social networking site.

Social media users tend to be younger and generally more Progressive in their mind-set. And now you can understand more fully, why softballs were lobbed at Bush, and missiles fired at Trump.

Oh, and if there’s any doubt that FOX News missed the mark — The New York Times praised Kelly, Baier and Wallace for their so-called ‘fair and balanced’ approach to the questions asked.

Bad Man

“I had no idea that John F. Kennedy replaced Ben Franklin on the fifty-cent piece,” Mary stated out of the blue.

“Yeah,” I responded, “In 1964.”

“Why?” she shot back.

“I guess because he was assassinated,” I answered.

“Well, that’s a stupid reason,” she huffed, adding “besides he was a bad man!”

She vented about how the Cuban Missile Crisis and Bay of Pigs invasion was his fault, how he escalated the U.S.’s role in Vietnam, backed a coup in Iraq, and screwed around on his wife, Jackie. I said nothing — I couldn’t disagree with her assessment.

Wait until she finds out why the Mercury-head dime was replaced in 1946 with the likeness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


“Amen,” I finished, as I adjusted the pillow under my head.

Now it was time to wait for sleep to arrive. And as usual my mind rapidly wound through the day’s activities and thoughts about worldly events.

“When will I not have to write so much political shit?” I groaned, thinking about the frenetic writing habit I had developed over the last couple of years. I rolled over, closing my eyes, pretending to be asleep to fall asleep.

Still my mind was a whirlwind of activity. Thoughts zipped through my brain and prattled around like unattended children till my mind settled down and my body relaxed.

And as I faded towards sleep, the word ‘Shemitah,’ popped into my head. It was so faint a thought, I nearly ignored it.

“Shemitah,” I whispered. “‘Release’ in Hebrew.”

For months I’d been studying the ‘Shemitah,’ the seven-year cycles that means “to release.” This cycle’s set to begin, as close as I can tell September 13, though others smarter than I think it could happen as early as the eleventh or as late as the fifteenth.

Either way, it will trigger a small financial event that will cascade into a world-wide economic crisis. I’ve come to believe it will be worse than the last recession we went through – and all because we didn’t turn back to God as a nation.

Flipping through this knowledge like a spinning Rolodex, I suddenly realized I had been given the answer to my question about my writing task. Sleep overcame me fast at that point and rested well throughout the night and deep into the morning.

That morning I knew I was ‘released’ from the journey God had pressed upon me and that it would take effect as the month of the Shemitah began. It’s reassuring to know I’ve done all I’ve been asked to do and that there’s nothing left for me to do.

It’s God’s turn beginning September 1 and I’m thankful. Amen.

Progressivism’s Failed Business Model

Earlier this year, CEO Dan Price of Seattle-based Gravity Payments, made headlines after raising his employees’ base salary to $70,000 a year. Yet, not everyone at Gravity Payments agrees with his plans to share the wealth.

Two of his top employees quit in protest whose departure was “spurred in part by their view that it was unfair to double the pay of some new hires while the longest-serving staff members got small or no raises.” And his brother, Lucas Price, filed a lawsuit against Dan for violating Lucas’ rights as a minority shareholder and breaching duties and contracts.

Finally, Price has had to rent out his own house to help cover his bills. Much of the company’s profits, $2.2 million last year, were reinvested in the company not to expand or innovate, but to cover the new minimum wage.

Now, Netflix will begin offering unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave in the first year after a child is born or adopted. The thinking behind offering unlimited-time-off perks is that it will motivate employees and increase worker productivity.

A recent study found that for every 10 extra hours of vacation time employees took advantage of, their performance ratings from their bosses climbed 8 percent, and that those who took frequent vacations were less likely to leave the company. Plus, workers not taking all of their vacation are a financial liability for companies leaving company’s saddled with $224 billion in liabilities for vacation days that employees were given but did not take.

But the reality is that giving employees unlimited time off might mean they actually take less vacation. The reason for this is something called “work martyr syndrome.”

Employees think that it will look extra good to their bosses if, despite being given unlimited vacation time, they actually take even fewer days off. And it isn’t for those with unlimited vacation.

Even those who get a set number of vacation days don’t even take them all. A 2014 analysis found that U.S. workers left an average of 3.2 vacation days on the table.

Finally, McDonald’s is rolling out self-service kiosks in restaurants across the U.S. that allow customers to order and pay for their food without ever having to interact with a human. The kiosks are reportedly a response to a call for a $15 an hour minimum wage.

And as the economy continues falter because of Progressive business models, the Obama Administration continues to push climate change and green energy – one which is scientifically unsubstantiated, while the other has failed over and over again.

Military Families Being Stalked in U.S.

Even if the White House refuses to use the words “Islam” and “radical” in the same sentence, the FBI appears to be taking the threat of domestic terrorism seriously. They issued an alert on July 2 to all law enforcement agencies in Colorado and Wyoming about a group of Middle Eastern men threatening U.S. military families.

Last May, the wife of a U.S. Army soldier was approached in front of their Fort Collins, Colorado home by two Middle Eastern men, who claimed she was married to a U.S. interrogator. When she denied this, they laughed and drove away in a dark-colored, four-door sedan with two other Middle Eastern men.

Similar incidents near F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming were reported in June. The bulletin says the Middle Eastern men also try to gain personal information about military members and family members through intimidation, leaving family members fearful.

In a statement, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner said he was “alarmed” by the reports.

“This news comes less than two weeks after FBI Director James Comey, speaking in Denver, warned of the heightened threat from the Islamic State that Colorado specifically faces,” Gardner said.

The bulletin’s release comes amid the questioning of a person of interest after shots were fired a second consecutive day near Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in southern Mississippi. There were no reported injuries.

It follows the July 16 attack targeting two Chattanooga, Tennessee military installations, killing four U.S. Marines and one U.S. Navy sailor before he was himself killed. The FBI claims they can find no connection between the shooter and ISIS/ISIL.

The terror group has threatened several times to strike military members in their homes. In March, the group “Islamic State Hacking Division” posted a list of addresses belonging to 100 military members, calling for their beheadings, saying it leaked the information so that “our bothers residing in America can deal with you.”

The alert says the men haven’t been identified and that the FBI isn’t sure if the incidents involve the same men. They also ask that anyone in Colorado contact the FBI at (970) 663-1028, if approached. In Wyoming, contact the FBI at (307) 632-6224.

It’s difficult enough for the men and women in our uniformed services to do their jobs with President Obama as their Commander-in-Chief — but having to do their duty while worrying about the safety of their families on U.S. soil is simply appalling.

Obama Doubles Down on Coal

While everyone in the national media’s focused on the line-up for the prime-time Republican debate and who’s ‘qualified’ to take part, they’ve ignored another move made by President Obama that will damage the U.S. economy further than his signature health care plan is doing. This time Obama’s forcing states to close their coal plants and cut emissions — or risk losing federal highway funding.

President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal includes $4 billion in payments to “support states exceeding the minimum requirements” mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency “for the pace and extent of carbon pollution reductions from the power sector,” to fight global warming. The EPA says its $4 billion fund will reward states that go beyond the call of duty and lower their emissions beyond what the administration has called for.

Obama’s budget also puts into place $48 billion in green energy subsidies over the next 10 years which states could use to help meet federal emissions mandates. These subsidies will give tax breaks to companies that produced green energy and bio-fuels, buildings that installed energy-efficient equipment and for making alternative fueled vehicles.

Meanwhile, the EPA can use the federal highway fund to force states to comply with its mandates. Failing that, the agency can even carry out its own plans in the states as well as take over the state’s environmental enforcement and impose their own federal plan to reduce emissions in non-compliant states.

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan requires states to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. However, several states have already sued the EPA over the Clean Power Plan, saying it violates the Clean Air Act and infringes upon state sovereignty.

According to the agency’s own estimates, its power plant rule will force coal-fired power with a 49-gigawatts capacity or greater to close down, causing electricity prices to jump by six percent by 2020. The new rule will also cost $41 billion per year, while the agency’s $4 billion will cover only a fraction of the costs.

Coal power provides the U.S. with about 40 percent of its electricity, more than nuclear power and renewable energy combined. Sadly though, as that percentage dwindles, the long Progressive slog towards third-world status for the U.S. will continue apparently unabated by Congress.

Planned Parenthood Funding to Continue

Progressive Senators blocked efforts to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The legislation was in response to undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing how they provide medical researchers with tissue from aborted fetuses, when in fact they are illegally selling the organs for profit.

The four videos released by the Centers for Medical Progress shows people posing as representatives of a company that purchases fetal tissue negotiating with Planned Parenthood officials. The videos also show those officials speaking casually about abortion procedures used to get tissue and close-ups of fetal organs.

During debates over Planned Parenthood’s funding, Progressive leaders attacked Conservatives, claiming they are out of touch with the average American.

“It’s our obligation to protect our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters” from the GOP’s ‘absurd policies,’” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada “The Republican Party has lost its moral compass.”

Planned Parenthood says the videos are selectively edited and that the organization only recovers costs of the ‘procedures,’ which is legal, and only gives the tissue to researchers with a mother’s advance consent and in fewer than five states. According to Planned Parenthood, they only provide contraception, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and abortions in their clinics from coast to coast.

With three congressional committees’ investigations, probes in several states and the expected release of additional videos, Senate Conservatives had hoped the added pressure would have caused Progressive support of the groups activities to crumble.

Congressman Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina said he expects to get several dozen signatures on a letter opposing any spending bill containing money for Planned Parenthood. The letter calls for funneling Planned Parenthood’s federal dollars to other providers of health care to women, including hospitals, state and local agencies and federally financed community health centers.

Senate Conservatives say that transfer would allow women to continue receiving the health care they need, since Planned Parenthood’s has only 700 clinics. For their part, Progressives claim many of the organization’s centers are in areas with few alternatives for reproductive health care for low-income women.

This fits right in with Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger and her 1918 vision: “All of our problems are the result of over breeding among the working class, and if morality is to mean anything at all to us, we must regard all the changes which tend toward the uplift and survival of the human race as moral.”

Terrorist Buys Illegal Weapon from DOJ

One of the Islamic terrorists, who attacked the “Draw Mohammed” event in Garland, Texas last May, bought a weapon through then-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ gun operation that allowed thousands of firearms fall into criminal hands. Five years before the attack that ended in his death, Nadir Soofi, purchased one of the 9-mm handguns.

In 2010, Lone Wolf Trading Co., in Phoenix, Arizona, was known for selling illegal firearms. Soofi however didn’t know the gun store was part of a federal sting supposedly targeting Mexican drug lords and their traffickers.

The idea was to allow Lone Wolf to sell the illegal weapons to criminals and straw purchasers, and track the guns back through the smuggling networks to the drug cartels. Unfortunately, the Obama administration lost track of an estimated 1,400 guns in ‘Operation Fast and Furious.’

It’s curious that the front-store for all the illegal activity would be known as ‘Lone Wolf,’ the same title the administration has mislabeled a number of obvious ISIS/ISIL inspired terror attacks in the U.S. Incidentally, the sting resulted in only 34 indictments and a House of Representative vote to hold Holder in criminal contempt after he refused to release documents tied to the scheme.

“This is consistent with what has previously been described as a lone wolf attack,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said of the Garland attack. “Essentially you have two individuals that don’t appear to be part of a broader conspiracy, and identifying those individuals and keeping tabs on them is difficult work.”

Soofi, who had criminal record of misdemeanor drug and assault charges, gave false the information on the federal forms and his purchase was flagged. The feds placed a seven-day hold on his application, but even that failed to stop the future-terrorist from obtaining the weapon, as 24 hours after the hold was placed, it was lifted.

So far, the FBI has refused to release any details, including serial numbers, about the weapons used in Garland by Soofi and his roommate, Elton Simpson. Some of the other ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ weapons were used in at least 200 murders in Mexico, and another has been linked to the 2010 ambush-killing of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona.

Not only did the Obama administration’s guns end up in the hands of the Mexican Cartel, but Islamic terrorists picked up a few up, too.

The Day I Hit a Girl

She’s in her mid-twenties, blonde with a very muscular body and a loud mouth. And she insisted on giving me a bad time about my pudgy gut.

“Face it, Tom.” Jenn said, “You’re jus’ an fat old man.”

“Yeah,” I responded, “But I can still take a punch to the gut with no problem.”

She reached over and poked my belly, laughing, “No you couldn’t.”

“Wanna bet?” I challenged.

Jenn smiled slyly, like she knew she’d already won the bet. I stayed quiet, letting her calculate if I were bluffing or not.

“You know I can bench press a couple hundred pounds, right?” she cautioned.

“That doesn’t scare me,” I replied, afraid my eyes were telegraphing my sudden doubt.

“Okay – here’s the deal,” Jenn offered. “I’ll punch you in the stomach once and we’ll see if you can take it. Then you can do the same to me.”

“Really?” I quizzed. “You’re serious.”

“Dead,” she shot back.

“Okay,” I answered. “But I don’t feel real comfortable about hitting a girl.”

“Yeah, old fat man,” she half-teased. “Already looking for an excuse, huh?”

I shook my head, “No. I jus’ don’t like hitting women.”

Jenn laughed. That was too much for me and I knew I had to answer her challenge as I pulled off my tee-shirt.

She lined up on me and let me have it. While it didn’t drop me or cause me to be winded or sick, Jenn’s punch was a hell of a lot harder than I had anticipated and I felt every knuckle from her fist.

It was now her turn.

She stripped off her tee-shirt, exposing a solid six-pack of stomach muscles. I let her set herself as I got ready to give her the best punch I could muster.

My fist slammed into the top ridge of muscles right under her rib-cage. I saw her eye’s bulge wildly as she gasped and dropped to the floor.

It took her a couple of minutes to regain herself.

When she did, she screeched, “What the hell, Darby — you mother-fucker! You actually hit me!”

All I could do is walk away, embarrassed and thinking, “Girls – they never fight fair.”

The Lone Rock

We were making our way across the playa after a day of chasing wild Mustangs out of the nearby canyons for a soon-to-be-happening round-up. Tired and sore, I let my horse have its head, loosely wrapping the reins around the saddle horn.

As I did this, I allowed my feet to dangle free of the stirrups and I sat half-slumped as my pony swayed me back and forth with each step. Nearby, my friend Rob did the same.

The playa is flat and dusty. It is a place without shade and sweltering hot on sunny, cloudless days like the one we were experiencing at the moment.

We had done this on many occasions and my horse knew the way back to the barn without any prompting. However, something suddenly changed in the beast, as it stopped and shivered slightly.

“Rattle snake?” I questioned in my mind.

But there was nothing but the shadow of small rock, no bigger than a golf ball in front of us. Still the horse sensed a danger; its ears shifting wildly.

Knowing anything could happen when a horse gets spooked; I slowly gathered the reins and worked my boots into the stirrups. These caused the animal to rear back and then buck forward violently.

Not seated properly, my feet not in the stirrups, I flew skyward, rocketing over the horse’s head. It wasn’t the first time I’d been unseated from a horse, nor would it be the last time.

It was however the most painful throw from a horse I ever experienced that didn’t come with a broken or dislocated bone or spilled-blood. No, I landed with a dull thud on my ass, with that lone rock solidly compressed against my sphincter.

Getting ‘corn-holed’ left me rolling in the dust, unable to speak or breathe for what seemed an eternity. After a while, I regained my composure and got to my feet.

By this time Rob had figured out what happened and was laughing his damned fool-head off. For my part, I couldn’t bare sitting, so I shuffled the last three miles back to the ranch with my butt-cheeks squeezed tight, fearing my innards might fall out.