End of the Line for Nevada Health Co-Op

The Nevada Health Co-Op, created as part of ObamaCare, is closing down at the end of the year because of high costs. Participants will be covered through the end of 2015, but will have to choose another insurance provider when open enrollment begins in November. Co-ops around the country are struggling. Regulators shut down one … Continue reading End of the Line for Nevada Health Co-Op


Practicing Murder for Profit

The Center for Medical Progress released its seventh Planned Parenthood video. The acts described in it are hard for anyone to defend and politicians or lobbyists who say they don’t happen are lying. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she’s proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and will “never stop fighting to protect the ability and … Continue reading Practicing Murder for Profit

The Black American Refugee?

A recent article at the WaPo says Black Americans are actually “refugees.” “To make an asylum case for black persecution, I wouldn’t have to reach back to 400 years of slavery, lynching, segregation and Jim Crow. I would focus, instead, on the current prolific system of racist policing, mass incarceration and selective prosecution,” writes immigration … Continue reading The Black American Refugee?

The Iranian Self-inspection Delusion

The U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is going to let Iran self-inspect several of its most sensitive nuclear installations, and the Obama White House says its fine with that. Iran is to provide the IAEA with photos and videos of locations linked to weapons work, "taking into account military concerns." That wording suggests the … Continue reading The Iranian Self-inspection Delusion

Saying No to ‘Pro-life’

West Career and Technical Academy junior Angelique Clark of Las Vegas, Nevada, says the school’s banned her pro-life club ‘Students for Life,” while allowing a Gay-Straight Alliance club. So she's suing the school for violating her right to free speech. When Clark asked to start the club in December of 2014, school officials dragged their … Continue reading Saying No to ‘Pro-life’

‘Safer’ by the Dozen

First, there were the five Taliban commanders traded for the traitor, Bowe Bergdahl. Now President Obama has quietly “repatriated a dozen detainees from a small U.S. military prison in Afghanistan…” In a letter to Congress, Obama informed lawmakers that 38 non-Afghan prisoners remained at the Parwan Detention Center outside of Kabul. Meanwhile, a Frenchman, a … Continue reading ‘Safer’ by the Dozen

Hillary’s Scapegoat

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted confidante, is increasingly becoming a central figure in the presidential wannabe’s email scandal. Clinton recently told a federal judge that Abedin had her own email account on the server, “which was used at times for government business.” Classified materials with national security implications are to be stored in such … Continue reading Hillary’s Scapegoat

When Tithing is a Demand

A 92-year-old woman's been kicked out of her of church after 50-years. Josephine King received a letter from the First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia, saying she couldn't attend because she wasn’t tithing. The letter, signed by Senior Pastor Derrick Mike, says King can't “participate in any engagements (or) worship opportunities” because of “non-support…in … Continue reading When Tithing is a Demand

Why Tymaine Sellman Matters

Tymaine Sellman was shot to death in December 2014. His shooting happened long before current the unrest over the death of Freddie Gray. Police said the 19-year-old Black man died at a local hospital after being shot multiple times. So far, no one’s been arrested in connection with his murder. If #BlackLivesMatter really mattered, you … Continue reading Why Tymaine Sellman Matters

The EPA’s Superfund Biltzkrieg

An EPA crew inspecting the Gold King mine near Silverton, Colorado, released at over three million gallons of water laden with toxic heavy metals, including zinc, iron, copper, lead and arsenic among other heavy metals into the Animas River on August 5. High levels of these metals can cause all sorts of health problems from … Continue reading The EPA’s Superfund Biltzkrieg

The Importation of Islamic Terror

Recently, the FBI released an alert to law enforcement agencies about men described as being of Middle Eastern descent intimidating military families. The alert specifically named Greeley, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming, as locations where military families had been approached and harassed. The bulletin described an incident in May in which the wife of a military … Continue reading The Importation of Islamic Terror

Jeb Bush, Common Core and Nevada

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush -- who championed federally funded Common Core standards -- continues distancing himself from them. During the recent FOX News GOP debate, Bush said he didn’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of education standards. “I don’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation … Continue reading Jeb Bush, Common Core and Nevada

Progressive Spoiler Alert and Zombies

Trump is directly connected to Hillary Clinton and so is his decision to campaign as a Republican. As reported by the WaPo: "Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for … Continue reading Progressive Spoiler Alert and Zombies

FOX is Loser in GOP Debates

FOX’s GOP debates were watched by 24 million viewers, making it the highest-rated primary debate in television history. For perspective, the first GOP primary debate four years ago, also on Fox, attracted 3.2 million viewers and the most-watched primary debate that year, broadcast by ABC, reached 7.6 million. You might disagree over which candidate fared … Continue reading FOX is Loser in GOP Debates

Bad Man

“I had no idea that John F. Kennedy replaced Ben Franklin on the fifty-cent piece,” Mary stated out of the blue. “Yeah,” I responded, “In 1964.” “Why?” she shot back. “I guess because he was assassinated,” I answered. “Well, that’s a stupid reason,” she huffed, adding “besides he was a bad man!” She vented about … Continue reading Bad Man

Progressivism’s Failed Business Model

Earlier this year, CEO Dan Price of Seattle-based Gravity Payments, made headlines after raising his employees’ base salary to $70,000 a year. Yet, not everyone at Gravity Payments agrees with his plans to share the wealth. Two of his top employees quit in protest whose departure was “spurred in part by their view that it … Continue reading Progressivism’s Failed Business Model

Military Families Being Stalked in U.S.

Even if the White House refuses to use the words “Islam” and “radical” in the same sentence, the FBI appears to be taking the threat of domestic terrorism seriously. They issued an alert on July 2 to all law enforcement agencies in Colorado and Wyoming about a group of Middle Eastern men threatening U.S. military … Continue reading Military Families Being Stalked in U.S.

Obama Doubles Down on Coal

While everyone in the national media's focused on the line-up for the prime-time Republican debate and who’s ‘qualified’ to take part, they’ve ignored another move made by President Obama that will damage the U.S. economy further than his signature health care plan is doing. This time Obama’s forcing states to close their coal plants and … Continue reading Obama Doubles Down on Coal

Planned Parenthood Funding to Continue

Progressive Senators blocked efforts to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The legislation was in response to undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing how they provide medical researchers with tissue from aborted fetuses, when in fact they are illegally selling the organs for profit. The four videos released by the Centers for Medical Progress … Continue reading Planned Parenthood Funding to Continue

Terrorist Buys Illegal Weapon from DOJ

One of the Islamic terrorists, who attacked the “Draw Mohammed” event in Garland, Texas last May, bought a weapon through then-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s 'Operation Fast and Furious' gun operation that allowed thousands of firearms fall into criminal hands. Five years before the attack that ended in his death, Nadir Soofi, purchased one of … Continue reading Terrorist Buys Illegal Weapon from DOJ