Obama’s Latest End Run

President Obama has bypassed both the U.S. Congress and our Constitution again, this time by submitting his Iran-U.S. deal to the United Nations Security Council before letting U.S. lawmakers review it. Of course, the anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. body approved the deal, 15 to zip.

“This is by far our strongest approach to insuring that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon,” Obama said. “There is broad international consensus around this issue — not just among the international community, but also among experts in nuclear proliferation.”

It’s obvious that Obama has learned from the past and has set about finding ways to avoid the failures of previous administrations. And he had help from Progressives in the Republican Party.

For example, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol; though President Bill Clinton signed the treaty, it was never ratified, defeated by Congress, 95-0. The protocols were found to contain language that would have severely damaged the U.S. economy.

When Congress passed the “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA,)” and Obama signed it into law in May, it was understood that Congress would have the final say. However, Obama exploited ‘a known flaw’ in the law, which states that the Act only applies to “statutory sanctions,” meaning those passed by Congress.

Proposed by Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee and co-sponsored by and South Carolina senator and current GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, the INARA lowered the threshold for passing the agreement. So, instead of requiring a two-thirds majority for approval in the Senate, the Iran deal would now need a simple majority for approval in both houses, and a two-thirds majority to reject the deal by overriding the president’s veto.

Congress would have 60 days to act once the deal was submitted by the President and if within that period, if both houses of Congress failed to enact a resolution of disapproval, the agreement would become legally binding, meaning that the sanctions Iran is living under would be lifted. So, given how the INARA is structured, it’s impossible that any Congressional override will succeed.

History also provides this lesson: In 1997, Clinton made an arms deal with North Korea without referring it to Congress, announcing at the time, “this is a good deal for the United States,” claiming North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program.” By 2005, North Korea had the bomb.

Obama’s deal with Iran is so bad, both Israel and the Saudi’s are standing together to oppose it – and that’s saying something about how topsy-turvy our world’s become.

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