Education’s Emerging Evil

“A shift in who wields power and in what location does not necessarily mean better policies. It is more likely that a shift away from federal authority in education will increase the influence those with power and money, rather than enhancing democratic participation of average citizens,” writes Stevens Institute of Technology’s Arthur Camins.

A kitchen manager at Dakota Valley Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado lost her job after giving a meal to a child who didn’t have enough money to pay for it. In the Cherry Creek School District, students who fail to qualify for the free lunch or reduced lunch program receive one slice of cheese on a hamburger bun, and small milk.

Students still owe $15,000 for school lunches they bought in the Saugus School District in Massachusetts. The school board want the district enforce its collection policy to recoup the money. Earlier this year the board tweaked its policy to turn to a collection agency when people fail to pay.

The Orange School district in New Jersey fired a Forest Street School teacher for having her third-grade class to write ‘get well’ letters to a sick inmate convicted of killing a policeman in 1981. Activists held a sit-in in support of the teacher, demanding she get her job back.

In Florida, a science teacher’s been suspended for using a signal jammer to keep his students from using their cell phones in class. The Pasco County School board handed the teacher a five-day, unpaid suspension for potentially violating federal law because he interfered with 911 calls during an emergency.

A Mississippi family faces charges because they cheered when a loved one got her high school diploma. The girl’s father, aunt and two relatives are charged with disturbing the peace. The district’ supervisor doesn’t think the punishment is too much because he reminded audience members repeatedly to hold their applause.

A teacher at Encinal High School in Alameda, California told his students to find their parents’ sex toys and take selfies with them for extra credit.  Parents complained to the district which launched an investigation. The teacher remains in the classroom.

A Gaia Democratic School teacher in Minneapolis took about a dozen students to a sex shop. She said she wanted to provide a safe environment for students to learn about human sexual behavior. While parents are upset, teachers are defending the trip.

A Virginia high school teacher is under investigation after students reported seeing photos of her nude breasts. The Woodside High School teacher showed three students before and after photos of her breast augmentation. She has since resigned.

When a senior ordered her cap and gown for her Carrick High School commencement, she expected to be walking across the stage. What she didn’t know was that a trip her mother planned as a graduation gift would cost her the opportunity. Pittsburgh Public Schools mandates students attend graduation rehearsal.

It was graduation night at Northridge Academy High School, but many families who should have been celebrated were instead upset because they had been locked out of the ceremony. Nearly 150 people were unable to see their kids receive their diploma. The families were not allowed inside because the auditorium had been filled to capacity because the event was oversold.

A Florence, Oregon senior completed high school a year early but she won’t be allowed to wear a cap and gown and collect her diploma along with the Class of 2015 at Siuslaw High School. The problem? A deadline she missed by one hour.

A California high school has found itself in the hot seat after leaving two young women’s senior photos out of its yearbook because of dress-code violations. In their photos, for the Lincoln High School yearbook in Stockton, one student wore a tux and the other a button-down shirt and bow tie, rather than the off-the-shoulder black V-neck drape required for girls.

Two McKinney middle school students were sent home, and several others were told to cover up their “Gay O.K.” message on their shirts. They were worn as support for a Faubion Middle School seventh grader who came out and being was bullied. McKinney Independent School District in Texas said the shirts caused a disruption.

Also coming out of Texas, for the eighth year, teachers at Sulphur Springs Middle School handed out “Ghetto Classroom Awards.” Educators claim they didn’t know the term was derogatory. The school says it’s investigating.

In Nevada, a Rancho High School teacher in Las Vegas is under arrest for having sex with a pupil, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and kidnapping. Two bus drivers are also facing charges. One’s accused of inappropriately touching seven different children on 32 occasions, the other of assaulting passengers as young as three years old.

And finally, Somerset Academy in North Las Vegas apologized to a sixth-grader after telling her she couldn’t use a Bible verse in an assignment. The assignment asked her to include an inspirational quote in a presentation. The girl can now resubmit her work with the verse John 3:16.

The greater the power, the greater the abuse.

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