What Comes After Harry Reid Leaves

Having come down with pneumonia, I’m supposed to be in bed recuperating and not at the computer screen as I am now.  But I jus’ couldn’t stay away after hearing that Senator Harry Reid would retire in 22-months.

My thoughts raced ahead to the near future and I see a rather bleak picture as Reid’s exit is timed to create greater dysfunction in Washington D.C.

First, Reid, ever the troublemaker, has endorsed New York Chuck-You Shummer for his leadership position despite Senator Dick Turbin being next in the line of ascension.  Reid’s selection isn’t a surprise as Chuck-You is slightly more Progressive than Turbin.

If there is to be a battle, this is where it’ll really be waged. And it will be great sporting fun to watch the Progressives in the Democratic party tear themselves apart trying to figure out jus’ how Progressive they want to be seen.

Back in his home state — my home state — Reid has pointed a shaky finger at Nevada’s former States Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto as the person best equipped to fill his vacating seat. If she accepts, her candidacy would come with baggage — she is a Democrat after all.

On the other hand, the Nevada GOP has a candidate primed and as Progressive as Reid was when he started in national politics 30 years ago. That would be Nevada’s current Governor, Brian Sandoval, who is no stranger to quitting a job to climb ‘the ladder of success,’ by one more rung.

Finally, with Hapless Harry stepping down, that means Nevada’s junior Senator, Dean Heller will automatically fill the gap. A promising Constitutional stalwart, Heller has slip a few Progressive gears since becoming a Senator.

So, alas, when it’s all boiled down, nothing will have really changed for Nevada and that means the same for the U.S.

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