Obama, Congress, ISIL and War

President Obama is trying to force his foreign policy on our next President by creating ‘a third term.’ The very week that ISIL beheaded 21 Coptic Christians, Obama sent an “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” to Congress restricting our fight against the radial Islamic group.

So what’s in Obama’s AUMF?

— Authorization to use force against the Islamic State and any related group.
— No restrictions on where in the world.
— No authorization to conduct “enduring offensive ground combat operations”.
— The Authorization would automatically end after three years unless Congress reauthorizes it.
— It repeals the 2002 AUMF for Iraq.

That appears to be what we’re doing now, under the old AUMF. And, it’s clearly not enough as ISIL keeps advancing, killing men, women and children in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.  This includes ‘sub-sets’ of people like Christians and homosexuals.

If enacted Obama’s AUMF would keep the next president from waging a ground war against ISIL until 2018.  Also, by having his AUMF passed by Congress, Obama will be able to claim he’s ‘acting’ under the terms of the agreement approved by Congress.

Finally, this AUMF, with its new controlling terms is unconstitutional.

Obama appears to on the verge of creating a precedent that would have Congress lessen the commander-in-chief’s use of force. And while Congress has the ability to “declare war,” it doesn’t have the power to limit the president in the execution of such a declaration.

The framers of the Constitution put all executive power into a single official office commonly referred to as the Commander-in-Chief or President.  So, if Congress approves Obama’s AUMF, it will permanently cripple that framework.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey all recently pressed for congressional approval of the AUMF.

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