Where Sleeping-in Trumps the Working Man

There was a time in this nation when we celebrated the working man. Now we try to punish them in favor of more shut-eye.

A sanitation worker in an Atlanta suburb had been sentenced to 30-days in jail for starting work before 7 a.m. Kevin McGill, employed by Waste Management Inc., in Sandy Springs, Georgia, violated the city’s ordinance for keeping noisy work from waking people up.

After picking up trash jus’ after five one morning, police arrested McGill, who had never been to jail or even appeared in the court. His employer also suspended him for violating its policies, saying it was “…investigating all the facts in the case.”

When McGill appeared in court, he did so without his attorney. Since it was his first offense, he expected nothing more than a fine.

After pleading ‘no contest,’ to the charges, Prosecutor Bill Riley asked the judge to sentence McGill to 30 days in jail. McGill was ordered to serve his sentence over the next 14-weekends, so he could maintain his weekday job.

Riley did the same thing to another sanitation worker for the same thing last year. He says 9-1-1 lights up when trash collectors come before 7 a.m.

On its website, under ‘Top 10 Tips for Calling 9-1-1,’ the National Emergency Number Association states, “An emergency is any serious situation where a law enforcement officer, fire fighter, or emergency medical help is needed right away.”

“You do not use 9-1-1 for calls that are not in progress,” warns CenCom911.net. “Examples for this would be barking dog complaints, noise complaints, parking complaints, vehicle lockouts (unless a child is locked in the vehicle) or a theft that is delayed.”

However, after the story hit social media it caused an international outcry and the charges against McGill  were suddenly dropped.

The Sandy Springs Solicitors Office released a statement saying, “‘In retrospect, the actions of the court with regards to Mr. McGill’s sentence for violating the city’s noise laws, was disproportionate to a first-time offense. As such, the court has amended its sentence to time served and further probation suspended.”

It’s amazing what happens to injustice when it’s dragged out into the bright sunlight of truth.

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