Fort Hood Heroes to Finally get Purple Heart

The radical Islamic terrorist and former U.S. Army Major, who murdered fourteen people (this includes an unborn baby) at Fort Hood in 2009 has been sentenced to death. But because the military justice system requires a lengthy appeals process, it could be years or even decades before he’s executed.

Strangely — all the major media outlets overlooked this news.

Shortly following the shootings, the Obama Administration labeled the attack “workplace violence” and not an act of terrorism. That meant the casualties of the attack and their families couldn’t collect important benefits.

The designation would have put them in the same classification as someone killed or wounded in combat.

Now, after six years, those injured or killed in the attack will receive their Purple Hearts in April. The Army determined the shooting should be considered an attack because the shooter “was in communication with the foreign terrorist organization before the attack.”

The National Purple Heart, State Purple Heart and Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom will be presented to the families of those heroes on April 10. But don’t expect President Obama to be on hand for this ceremony.

Hopefully, Obama won’t commute this terrorists’ sentence or pardon him entirely.

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