The Turning Away

It had been on display for nearly four-months. But now a U.S. Army recruiting station in Phoenix, Arizona, has been ordered by higher-ups to remove a sign on display outside of its office that read, “On a mission for both God and country.”

A spokesperson for the Army’s Recruiting Command said signboard was created by local staff and that headquarters would have never permitted it. The removal came a few hours after it was brought to the attention of a commanding officer.

According the DOD, there are 47 approved taglines in the Accessions Support Brigade catalog for recruiting posters. Some of them include ‘Army Strong,’ ‘Soldier’s Creed,’ ‘Warrior Ethos,’ and ‘It’s Not For Everyone.’

“Pro aris et focis,” a Latin phrase literally meaning “for our altars and our hearths,” or, for God and country, has been used by military regiments for centuries. Sadly, neither history nor tradition means anything anymore.

Fearfully, as the American military leadership and the Obama Administration turn from God – God is likely to do the same in return.

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