Nevada’s Governor Side-steps Tax Increase Issues

Nevada’s Governor didn’t disappoint Progressives across the Silver State as he urged lawmakers to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over the next couple of years. Brian Sandoval proposed a two-year budget totaling about $7.3 billion in his recent ‘State-of-the State’ address.

It includes about $1.14 billion in additional revenue, mostly in the form of business taxes so he can give $881 million to the Nevada State Education Association. The proposal also calls for restructuring the flat, $200-a-year business license fee into a fee that varies based on a company’s gross receipts and industry type.

Sandoval also wants to make temporary “sunset” taxes permanent, while increasing cigarette taxes from 80 cents to $1.20 a pack. But that’s not the only smoke being blown as he set media tongues wagging, burying his proposed tax increases by announcing the appointment of failed Washoe County school superintendent Pedro Martinez to a statewide “Achievement School District.”

Last year the Washoe County School Board fired Martinez, proving again that in Progressive politics — failure equals success. Also missed: Sandoval’s call for members of local school boards to be appointed, saying school boards have become “disconnected from their communities.”

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