That Death Song Can Be a Killer

“So, what songs reminds you of your pre-teen years?” was the question I asked on Facebook. I received a number of wonderful answers, but one really intrigued me.

That person relayed that her mother refused to let her sing the words, “Yummy, yummy, yummy — I got love in my tummy.” Not being familiar with the lyrics, I looked it up and learned they’re from a song with the same title.

Evidently, it was a hit for the group ‘Ohio Express’ in 1968. And after listening to the song, I could understand why her mother wouldn’t allow her to sing it around their house.

It also caused me to recall a situation I found myself in at about 14-years-old when my mom forbid me to listen to the song, “Season’s in the Sun,” by Terry Jacks, because she felt it was a tune about death.

“You’re only a kid – you don’t need to be listening to songs about dying!” she exclaimed.

Up to that point in my life I had never really paid much attention to the words of any song. In fact, half the time I couldn’t understand (and still don’t know) what the singer was saying.

I mean after all does anyone really understand what’s being said in Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light?”

One afternoon, I came home from school to find Mom in the kitchen blasting the song “Teen Angel,” from the eight-track player in the living room. I turned the song down and pulled the tape from the machine.

Mom exploded, “Who gave you permission to do that?!”

Holding the tape up, I calmly answered, “No one. But since Adam and the girls are home, they shouldn’t be hearing songs about death.”

That was my second mistake with my first being the removal of the tape. My third — getting within arms reach of my very angry mother.

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