North Korea Executes 80 People

Every time I start to believe the U.S. is going to ‘hell in a handbasket,’ all I have to do is look at how ‘good’ the folk in other country’s have it. It’s a real wake-up call.

Eighty people have been publicly executed in North Korea. The State permits executions for conspiring to overthrow the government, treason, terrorism, religious activism, cell-phone use and stealing food.

The victims, their heads covered by white bags, ties to stakes, were machine-gunned to death. North Korean officials forced a crowd of over 10,000 people in seven different cities, including children, to witness the killings.

This is the first time under Kim Jong-un’s reign that public executions have taken place. State officials say the executions will stop the spread of capitalism across North Korea.

Yeah — we have it pretty good, but I also know we can do better.

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