NBC Head-Over-Heels About Governor Moonbeam

While there were six governors sworn into office on Monday, it was California’s Jerry Brown taking the oath of office for a record fourth term that NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams gushed over last night.

“Then there’s Jerry Brown, today at age 76 he was sworn today to a record fourth term. He first came into office when Jerry Ford was President his first time around,” Williams fawned. “No one has led the most populous state in the Union longer than Jerry Brown, who’s finally been able to turn around California’s troubled finances.”

My head practically exploded as I shouted at the TV, calling William’s an “effing liar.”

Even I know that Brown’s budget spikes year-over-year by over $12 billion, taking it to a high of $108 billion. If you take an honest look at California spending from all fund sources, total state spending hits a high of $230 billion.

Beyond that, last year and for the 10th year-in-a-row, CEO Magazine named California as the worst state to conduct business in, pointing out it takes two years to open a restaurant.  Furthermore, the Heritage Foundation finds that between 2003 and 2012, “a net 1.4 million people left California for other states,’ while the Cato Institute ranks Brown in last place with an ‘F’ as a governor.

If Williams’ isn’t lying, than he is dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks.

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