The Abandoned Hulk along Eureka’s Coastline

The S.S. Donbass III began its life as a lend-lease tanker, launched at Kaiser Ship Building, in Portland, Oregon. The ‘T-2’ was nearly identical to all the other tankers that served as oilers in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Tankers of this type were constructed similar to the Liberty Ship and both were … Continue reading The Abandoned Hulk along Eureka’s Coastline


Pine Nut Mountain Round Up On Hold

The planned roundup of 332 wild horses in Nevada's Pine Nut Mountains is on hold until late February. 'Protect Mustangs' and 'Friends of Animals' filed a lawsuit alleging the Bureau of Land Management failed to prepare an environmental assessment as required and didn’t provide adequate public notice of its plans. The lawsuit also alleges the government has … Continue reading Pine Nut Mountain Round Up On Hold

Threat of a Cold War and the Real Cold War

Governors in six states declared emergencies, but shortly afterwards weather forecasters began to see that they had gotten it wrong. Initially, the National Weather Service said a monster storm would bring up to three-feet of snow, powerful winds and widespread coastal flooding along a 250-mile stretch of the Northeast. This caused people to rush to local … Continue reading Threat of a Cold War and the Real Cold War

Fortuna’s Star Hotel Burns

A major fire broke out in downtown Fortuna during the early morning hours today, engulfing part of a block of Main Street. Engines from Ferndale, Scotia, Eureka and elsewhere helped battle the blaze and provide coverage. The structure involved is the historic Star Hotel building. Located on the corner of 11th and Main Streets, the Star … Continue reading Fortuna’s Star Hotel Burns

Details About Harry Reid’s Latest Accident Change

The accident threatening Nevada's Senator Harry Reid’s vision took place in the bathroom, instead of the living room of his home as first reported. The new detail supposedly fills in the account of how he suffered broken bones around his right eye and four broken ribs. In recounting the New Year’s Day accident, Reid said … Continue reading Details About Harry Reid’s Latest Accident Change

2014: The Hottest Year on Record?

Recently, the Associated Press reported that 2014 was the hottest year on record, but has since issued a correction saying the 650 million-to-one statistic was out of context. They also say the original story omitted an explanation of the margins of error in its calculations. Read the AP’s correction: In a story Jan. 16, The … Continue reading 2014: The Hottest Year on Record?

A Plan to Replace Harry Reid

In a Washington Examiner article, University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato is naming Nevada’s Senator Harry Reid as 2016′s ‘Most Endangered Democrat,’ suggesting Republicans’ run Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval against him in the upcoming election cycle. This fits directly with a prediction I made in August 2009 shortly after Sandoval decided to Sandoval … Continue reading A Plan to Replace Harry Reid

Nevada’s Senators Upset Over NFL’s Handling of Balls

Nevada’s two Senators are involving themselves in the NFL’s investigation known a ‘deflategate.’ Evidently, sports now fall within the realm of national politics. Senator Dean Heller is calling on league officials to punish those he labeled ‘cheaters.” “As the Senator from the only state where sports betting is legal, it is imperative the integrity of … Continue reading Nevada’s Senators Upset Over NFL’s Handling of Balls

Doom’s Day and the Death of a King

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died at 90. His successor is expected to be his 79-year-old half-brother, Prince Salman. This spells trouble. Along with Abdullah’s death and fall of the government in Yemen, Iran will now extend its influence over Sana'a in Yemen Iraq’s Baghdad, Damascus, Syria and Beirut in Lebanon. Ironically, at the … Continue reading Doom’s Day and the Death of a King

Trees of Mystery’s Paul Bunyan Suffers Broken Arm

‘Babe the Blue Ox’ lost his head in November 2007 because of structural weakness, and now Paul Bunyan has lost the use of his right arm. The 49-foot statue at Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California had its arm smashed by a tree limb that fell during a heavy rainstorm. Apparently, a large branch blew … Continue reading Trees of Mystery’s Paul Bunyan Suffers Broken Arm

Man Charged in Two of the 1976 ‘Gypsy Hills Murders’

In 1979, Louisiana mental health patient, Cathy Woods confessed, was tried and convicted of killing 19-year-old Michelle Mitchell of Reno. She has since been released, pending a new trial to take place in July 2015. Michelle’s body was found in a garage near 9th and Evans Avenue, three-years earlier, hand’s bound and throat slashed. Witnesses reported seeing … Continue reading Man Charged in Two of the 1976 ‘Gypsy Hills Murders’

Galaxy Grove in Reno Rededicated

A rededication ceremony of Galaxy Grove took place at the Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden inside Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.  In late 2013, thieves stole the original bronze plaque from the memorial. Three decades after Reno’s worst aviation disaster, Washoe County unveiled a new memorial plaque in tribute to the victims of … Continue reading Galaxy Grove in Reno Rededicated

‘Hanoi Jane’ Apologizes — Sort Of

About 50 veterans protested a speaking engagement by Jane Fonda at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, Maryland. Fonda drew the anger of many Americans when she visited North Vietnam in 1972, leading some to call her "Hanoi Jane.'' Fonda told the audience she made a "huge mistake'' and it's something that she'll take to her … Continue reading ‘Hanoi Jane’ Apologizes — Sort Of

Obama’s Shill at the 2015 SOTU

Living in Nevada and having worked in the casinos in my younger years, I learned somebody who 'encourages' others to spend their hard-earned money, is a shill. Well, the U.S. met a professional shill during the President's 'State of the Union' address. The woman whose story of economic recovery Obama introduced during his latest SOTU is a former Democratic … Continue reading Obama’s Shill at the 2015 SOTU

Congress’ 2015 Border Security Fake Out

Authored by Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, H.R. 399 (the Secure Our Borders First Act of 2015) is jus’ another ‘Trojan Horse,’ designed to make us thing the ‘new congress’ is doing something about border security. Why? The bill requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide “a comprehensive … Continue reading Congress’ 2015 Border Security Fake Out

Obama’s 2015 SOTU Address: Same old, same old

It was a difficult hour-and-a-half to sit through as I listened to the little man talking on the television. It was President Obama’s sixth “State of the Union” address, and like the five before he took credit for things he didn’t do. "At this moment -- with a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry and … Continue reading Obama’s 2015 SOTU Address: Same old, same old

Obama’s ‘Yemen Model’ has Fallen Apart

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen is preparing for possible evacuation, after somebody fired on an embassy staff-car. Fortunately, there were no one injuries. But...but...but... In September 2014, President Obama cited Yemen as a positive example for counter terror planners around the globe.  That same month, radical Islamists overran the country’s capital, Sana'a after moving out of … Continue reading Obama’s ‘Yemen Model’ has Fallen Apart

Obama’s Battle Plan: Fight Fire by Adding Gas

As President Obama is busy telling Europe that it needs to do a better job of assimilating foreign Muslims, he’s releasing terrorists willy-nilly.  Recently, he freed five jihadists, all from Yemen, from Guantanamo and sent to Estonia and Oman for resettlement. All five were captured in Pakistan and detained as al-Qaida fighters. Each were cleared for release since at … Continue reading Obama’s Battle Plan: Fight Fire by Adding Gas

Mystery of the Winchester

There it was -- propped up against a juniper tree in Nevada's Snake Mountains -- an unloaded Winchester Model 1873 repeating rifle. Now, researchers are scouring old newspapers, bills of sale, family histories and handwritten letters, hoping to discover its history. It’s generally known that the Winchester Company of New Haven, Connecticut produced 720,000 of … Continue reading Mystery of the Winchester

Listening to a Local Radio Station Struggle

As a point of disclosure -- I used to work for Cumulus Media at their Reno radio station KKOH 780 AM. And I don't like what I'm hearing. It is hard for me to listen to a station being run by management in Atlanta, Georgia, which forces on-air programming so general in nature that it doesn't service its listening area. It’s even … Continue reading Listening to a Local Radio Station Struggle

Nevada’s Governor Side-steps Tax Increase Issues

Nevada’s Governor didn’t disappoint Progressives across the Silver State as he urged lawmakers to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over the next couple of years. Brian Sandoval proposed a two-year budget totaling about $7.3 billion in his recent ‘State-of-the State’ address. It includes about $1.14 billion in additional revenue, mostly in the … Continue reading Nevada’s Governor Side-steps Tax Increase Issues

Kentucky’s Paul to Visit Northern Nevada

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is due to make a stop in downtown Reno, Saturday. He is one of a number of Republicans testing the political waters, and Nevada's first-in-the-West Republican caucus is a little more than a year away. Unfortunately, I can't find myself getting excited about him or his possible run for the presidency. He favors … Continue reading Kentucky’s Paul to Visit Northern Nevada

The Great White Fleet at Trinidad, California

The Great White Fleet is the nickname for the U.S. Naval fleet that completed a circumnavigation of the globe from December 16, 1907 to February 22, 1909. President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to demonstrate growing American military power and blue-water navy capability. The fleet consisted of 16 battleships divided into two squadrons, along with various escorts. … Continue reading The Great White Fleet at Trinidad, California

The Other Shoe Drops on Obamacare

Canceled policies, dropped doctors, higher premiums and deductibles and enrollment nightmares, and  now 3.4 million people who signed up for Obamacare in 2014 are about to get large tax bills.  These tax bills could be as high as $2,500 for families at the upper end of the subsidy eligibility range. Furthermore low-income earners will face … Continue reading The Other Shoe Drops on Obamacare

Obama’s Optics-problem Leaves U.S. Blind

London’s Daily Mail isn't shy about criticizing the Obama Administration with headlines reading, “America snubs historic Paris rally: Holder was there but skipped out early, Kerry was in India, Obama and Biden just stayed home.” This comes after Obama failed to attend the Paris Unity March against Islamic terrorism, instead to spending his afternoon watching the … Continue reading Obama’s Optics-problem Leaves U.S. Blind

The Lie That’s California’s 2015 Budget

The media keeps touting how California Governor Jerry Brown has created a surplus while also balancing his state’s budget. But if one digs a little deeper, it becomes obvious that he’s simply "kicking the can down the road.” A portions of that so-called extra money will automatically come off the top for public schools, and … Continue reading The Lie That’s California’s 2015 Budget

State’s Still Relying on the Fed for Revenue

Using the most recent data available, the online tax research organization, Tax Foundation finds nearly a third of all state revenue is still provided by the federal government in 2012. That’s about a dollar in ever three in state coffers. The lowest recipient is Alaska at 20.0 percent, followed by North Dakota (20.5 percent), Virginia (23.5 … Continue reading State’s Still Relying on the Fed for Revenue

Words: ‘Fetus’ vs. ‘Unborn Child’

This isn't about abortion per se; it's about how the U.S. media and the legal system use certain words to frame their agendas. News agencies report: "Police say three adults, two children and an unborn child were killed in the crash," or "Authorities investigating the discovery of two fetuses found dumped along the side the road." Yet according to … Continue reading Words: ‘Fetus’ vs. ‘Unborn Child’

Nothing the Government ‘Gives’ is Free

President Obama wants everyone to have two “free” years of junior college. In his recent “State of the Nation,” address he laid out new tax packages that includes a $320 billion hike to help pay for this plan. But here’s what he didn’t say… Under current law, 529-Plans work like Roth IRAs -- you put … Continue reading Nothing the Government ‘Gives’ is Free

Obama’s Optical Confusion

President Obama made an unplanned trip to the French Embassy in Washington, D.C.  During the brief visit he signed a condolence book, ending the entry with "Vive la France," honoring those killed by terrorists at Charlie Hebdo magazine. Earlier in the day, however he zipped right passed the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Hospital to a high school where he delivered … Continue reading Obama’s Optical Confusion

Prejudice Doesn’t Always Come With a ‘White Face’

New York Congressman and founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus Charlie Rangel claims he saw plenty of American Army dead during the Korean War. But the deaths of black soldiers meant more to him than the deaths of whites -- even if they all wore the same uniform. “When I was in combat, and … Continue reading Prejudice Doesn’t Always Come With a ‘White Face’

“Freedom of Press” Under Attack

The terror attack and murder of 12 people in Paris, France can happen in the U.S. too, especially since we’re already embroiled in this mess. In February 2006, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published a series of 12 cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The same pictures had been featured in the Nordic daily Jyllands-Posten … Continue reading “Freedom of Press” Under Attack

White Lives Matter, Too

Dothan, Alabama police say Robert Lawrence, an unarmed white-man, went to an animal shelter to turn in a stray animal and became “unruly.” This after workers at the shelter demanded his government issued ID. According to news reports, all he carried was a notarized affidavit from the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration. When they refused to accept this … Continue reading White Lives Matter, Too

Artificial Intelligence and Elon Musk

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been in Nevada’s news cycle a lot this past year because of his company's 'gigafactory.' But here is something we’re not being told by those same news sources. Musk says the human race should “be concerned” about the computer singularity hypothesis, or idea that artificial intelligence may one day advance … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Elon Musk

Nevada’s GOP Representatives Screw America

Conservatives -- not only across Nevada, but all around the U.S. -- have been told by their GOP Congressional delegations to “bend over and take more of the same.” Disgustingly, Nevada's Mark Amodei, Joe Heck and Crescent Hardy are in that same boat, each having voted to keep John Boehner as the Speaker of the House for … Continue reading Nevada’s GOP Representatives Screw America

NBC Head-Over-Heels About Governor Moonbeam

While there were six governors sworn into office on Monday, it was California’s Jerry Brown taking the oath of office for a record fourth term that NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams gushed over last night. “Then there's Jerry Brown, today at age 76 he was sworn today to a record fourth term. He first … Continue reading NBC Head-Over-Heels About Governor Moonbeam

North Korea Executes 80 People

Every time I start to believe the U.S. is going to 'hell in a handbasket,' all I have to do is look at how 'good' the folk in other country's have it. It's a real wake-up call. Eighty people have been publicly executed in North Korea. The State permits executions for conspiring to overthrow the government, treason, terrorism, … Continue reading North Korea Executes 80 People

Harry Reid Kicks Own Ass, Requires Hospitalization

Nevada’s senior Senator Harry Reid broke “a number of ribs and bones in his face” while exercising. He was using a piece of equipment to exercise Thursday when it broke, causing him to fall. Reid was admitted overnight at University Medical Center in Las Vegas for the injuries after first being taken to St. Rose … Continue reading Harry Reid Kicks Own Ass, Requires Hospitalization

Del Norte County Cold Case Murder Makes State History

She arrived in Del Norte County around eight, the evening of October 26, 1994, having been dropped off at the Texaco service station on Highway 101. The petite red-head would write in her diary of the trip: "The third car that picked me up were two old guys, Chris Collins and Ernie. They took me to Brookings … Continue reading Del Norte County Cold Case Murder Makes State History