Nevada’s UAV Flop a Success

So much for Nevada’s first commercial UAV test flight demonstration as Sensurion Aerospace’s flagship Magpie crashed seconds after being launched.  Company exec’s opted not to fly it again until they could review control systems and figure out the problem, claiming it probably was an electrical controller malfunction.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was on hand to witness the failure, but wasn’t fazed.

“This is why we have test,” he said in true progressive fashion. “We didn’t have the benefit of seeing the first flight, and that first flight was successful. I look forward to seeing the video. This is still a great day for Nevada. There was a technical issue, and that’s part of why we’re here. This is testing.”

Nevada is the first state to complete required training and processes to receive a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration enabling it to conduct its own certifications. That means the nonprofit Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems, a part of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, can review any company’s unmanned aircraft’s airworthiness and specifications and issue a certificate for it to fly.

I can hardly wait to see how the first commercial test-drive of unmanned cars in Nevada goes.

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