Repurposing the News

This is a story from the U.S. which has remained largely ignored by our national news media because it doesn’t come with ‘live-action’ video, pictures or sound:

“A manhunt is still underway for a man accused of going on a shooting spree early Monday killing six family members, including his ex-wife, and wounding a teen in three towns across Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Bradley Stone is considered armed and dangerous as police actively searching for him.”

Meanwhile, from Sydney, Australia – news footage from TV-7 of the ending to a coffee-shop hostage crisis is being played over-and-over. It lends credibility to the old news saw: ‘If it bleeds, it leads.”

As I watch the video of the Aussie police enter the coffee shop for the hundredth time or more, I realize we have gone from reporting the news to repurposing the news. And I’m as guilty as any.

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