Somewhere Between Rabble Rousers and Missing Facts

The protests in Union Square, Times Square and Grand Central Station started small, but soon grew with the help of “This Stops Today,”  a group affiliated with Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is overseen by labor boss Andy Stern, its president since 1996.  Stern also sits on the Executive Committee of ‘America Coming Together’ funded by George Soros, who also funded ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ and continued to fund the ‘Urban Justice Center,’ ‘Open Society,’ the ‘JEHT Foundation’ and the ‘Public Welfare Foundation.’

In a recent story from the Associated Press and FOX, the two news services quoted a couple of ‘random citizen protesters,’ — Ashley Coneys and Nadya Stevens — who are involved in the New York demonstrations. It turns out Coneys is a member of ‘Police Reform Organizing Project,’ and the ‘Urban Justice Center,’ while Stevens is the assistant to the president of Communication Workers of America Local 1180.

So much for random.

Meanwhile, another fact that isn’t being shared by FOX, the AP or any other mainstream media outlet is that NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who put Eric Garner in the so-called ‘chokehold,’ was supervised by an Black female NYPD sergeant. This kind of puts a new twist on the matter as claims of ‘race’ are being shouted across the land.

As reported by New York Daily News:

“Having that black sergeant in charge of that crime scene takes race out of the equation. As awful as Pantaleo’s actions appear on that video, at no time does that black sergeant order Pantaleo to stop choking Garner.

With a population that is 70% white and 10% African-American, when a Staten Island grand jury is presented with a white cop supervised by a black sergeant applying a lethal chokehold, it eliminates the racial component.”

From a police report obtained by New York TV station PIX11 the sergeant’s name is Kizzy Adoni:

“Another female sergeant, Kizzy Adoni, made a similar statement in the report. She “believed she heard” Garner say he was having difficulty breathing. Adoni also said “The perpetrator’s condition did not seem serious and he did not appear to get worse.””

Adoni is not shown in the cell phone footage of the incident, but appears in several photographs taken as the incident unfolded. The media, the mayor of NYC, and the  rest of the race hustle industry have done their best to erase Adoni from the story because she doesn’t fit their progressive template.

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