Recovering the Burned Flag

It’s a video you won’t see in the mainstream media, which starts with Ferguson, Missouri protesters burning an American flag, then kicking it into the street. This is followed by one man using the flaming flag to light his cigarette.

It then cuts to a car speeding by as four Missouri National Guardsmen and a police officer calmly walk across the street towards where the flag was burned.

The videographer asked the cop if he knows anything about an incident where someone was removed from a vehicle. The officer tells him that he does, but that he cannot comment on what happened.

Next, the police officer announces to the crowd of demonstrators, “Just so you know, the Guardsmen have come over to look for pieces of the American flag that got burned.”

“Why is that?” the videographer asks.

“Because it’s an American flag,” the officer answers.

“It’s a piece of cloth,” he says over and over, finally adding, “I appreciate your guy’s service, but it’s a piece of cloth.”

“But it means something to us,” one the Guardsmen replied.

“It’s not their flag,” the videographer complains to the surrounding rioter, but his protestations go unanswered as the officer and four Guardsmen return to the opposite side of the street with the remnants of the burned flag they later disposed of properly.

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