The Impact of Declining Oil Prices

Keep your eye on the price of oil over the coming weeks. Right now, the U.S. produces more oil than both Saudi Arabia or Russia and this has resulted in the creation of millions of jobs. Unfortunately, the shale oil boom is coming to an end and OPEC has declared a price war on U.S. shale … Continue reading The Impact of Declining Oil Prices


2014: The Year in Review

The first day of the New Year saw the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act go into effect. However on June 30, the Supreme Court ruled that some companies can refuse insurance coverage for contraceptives due to religious objections. Colorado legalized the purchase of marijuana for recreational purposes on January 1. It wasn’t until … Continue reading 2014: The Year in Review

Nevada’s 2014 in Review

The New Year began with word that 75 percent of applicants had failed the Department of Motor Vehicles written test needed for the new driver authorization card. Passed by the 2013 Legislature and signed by Governor Brian Sandoval the law allows illegal’s in Nevada without citizenship status to get the driver authorization cards. Also in … Continue reading Nevada’s 2014 in Review

Rewarding Bad Behavior with Good Positions

Isaiah 5:20 warns, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” This is exactly what progressives in the U.S. Senate on both side of the aisle continue to do. The latest example is Alissa Starzak, … Continue reading Rewarding Bad Behavior with Good Positions


They'd jus’ landed at base after a 48-hour medical support mission. But it didn't matter as the call, “Nine-line, nine-line, nine-line,” came across the squawk-box. In less than four-minutes the helicopter and crew were airborne again. As they reached the hot zone, they learned there was no landing area and would have to hover, taking enemy fire, while lowering Doc … Continue reading Piñata

It’s Still Censorship — No Matter Who Does It

It's puzzling how people who have no real life-skills and even less than stellar dubious achievements are able to get ahead in this world. Take for instance the ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton. He sat down with Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal and now the company says it plans to give him a say in how they … Continue reading It’s Still Censorship — No Matter Who Does It

A Dog Named ‘Spike’

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s 8-year-old daughter Shiloh appeared on the red carpet for her mom’s new film, ‘Unbroken’ dressed in a suit. She also asks to be called “John.” It seems the child’s request is causing a raging battle on the Internet. Parents are upset over the kid’s self-identification with the ‘opposite sex,’ while … Continue reading A Dog Named ‘Spike’

Boxing Great Battles Pneumonia

Boxing great Muhammad Ali has pneumonia. The three-time world heavyweight champion, who is also battling Parkinson’s disease, is in stable condition. Ali recently made a surprise appearance at the Nevada Division I state football championships at Damonte Ranch High in Reno, December 6. He and his daughter Rasheda Walsh and sister-in-law Marilyn Williams, were there to watch his grandson Biaggio … Continue reading Boxing Great Battles Pneumonia

The Cost of Doing Presidential Business in Nevada

The bill for President Barack Obama’s late November visit to Southern Nevada has finally been tallied up. Aside from bilking federal tax payers, his trip to explain his executive overreach on immigration cost a whopping $171,499.36 to Nevada’s state and local police. Henderson police forked-out $143,685.21 for Obama’s November 21-23 trip. Meanwhile, the Nevada Highway Patrol spent $27,814.15 in … Continue reading The Cost of Doing Presidential Business in Nevada

Obama’s Year-End Presser

President Barack Obama held his end-of-year press conference before jetting off to Hawaii for a 17-day Christmas vacation. In it he said Sony “made a mistake” cancelling the release of the movie “The Interview,” after a cyber-attack on the company’s computer system by North Korea, and stated the U.S. will respond “proportionately.” Proportionately -- in … Continue reading Obama’s Year-End Presser

Nevada’s UAV Flop a Success

So much for Nevada’s first commercial UAV test flight demonstration as Sensurion Aerospace’s flagship Magpie crashed seconds after being launched.  Company exec’s opted not to fly it again until they could review control systems and figure out the problem, claiming it probably was an electrical controller malfunction. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was on hand to witness … Continue reading Nevada’s UAV Flop a Success

While Watching a Hack-attack Play-out

American’s of all stripes are all worked up over a hack-attack on a movie company and the canceled premiere of one of its films. And while it is important in the larger picture, it’s the smaller, less glamorous events that demand more attention. On December 4, the House of Representatives passed legislation saying the U.S. … Continue reading While Watching a Hack-attack Play-out

Deep Ran the River

This is from my childhood friend, Debbie Hoyle, who says she's had it stored in a box for years. Her mother, Mary Wolcott wrote and published the poem in the 'Simpson Redwood Cone,' in March 1956. It is about the December 21, 1955 flood that rampaged through the township of Klamath, California.

Falling Oil Prices Greasing the Skids to War

While most are happy with lower gas prices,  they will eventually cause the former Soviet Union’s economy to crash, leading to a world-wide depression, then war. A year ago, Russia's economy was growing by about one-and-a-half percent and President Vladimir Putin was preparing to host the Sochi Winter Olympics. A year later, the ruble has lost nearly 50-percent … Continue reading Falling Oil Prices Greasing the Skids to War

The Omnibus Funding Bill: $1.1 Trillion in Near-Treason

It was on September 23, 2010, when House Speaker John Boehner made a campaign promise, saying that the GOP would post all bills online for "at least three days" before voting on them. However, H.R. 83 passed only 49 hours and 20 minutes after it first appeared online. Now the incoming Republican majorities in both the … Continue reading The Omnibus Funding Bill: $1.1 Trillion in Near-Treason

The Sham of Nevada’s First National Monument

Nevada is getting its first national monument, but it is nothing to write home about. H.R 2015 was among several natural resource measures Congress passed as it battled over whether to or not to fund the federal government through October 2015. Not only would the ‘Las Vegas Valley Public Land and Tule Springs Fossil Beds … Continue reading The Sham of Nevada’s First National Monument

NBC Avoids the Nightly News

NBC Nightly News remains the only national broadcast to completely have ignored ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber mocking the “stupidity” of voters. Instead of airing what Gruber said, they have done their best to obfuscate the story with ‘fluff.’ NBC Nightly News featured a full report during their November 13 cast, on “Guinness World Records Day,” and NBC morning show … Continue reading NBC Avoids the Nightly News

My Top Five Christmas Songs from Childhood

Every time I hear these five Christmas songs – I return to my childhood… 1. ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,’ Gene Autry 2. ‘White Christmas,’ Bing Crosby 3. ‘Frosty the Snowman,’ Jimmy Durante 4. ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,’ Andy Williams 5. ‘A Holly Jolly Christmas,’ Burle Ivys What about you? Recount … Continue reading My Top Five Christmas Songs from Childhood

Nevadans Should Expect an Increase in Taxes

During a meeting between State Budget Director Julia Teska and the Interim Finance Committee, it’s been learned that even with the state's entire "rainy day" fund, Nevada will see a budget shortfall of more than $61 million. Following the meeting, Governor Brian Sandoval issued a statement: “The shortfall is caused by actual revenue numbers not … Continue reading Nevadans Should Expect an Increase in Taxes

Uruguay to Take Six Gitmo Prisoners

President Obama pledged to free all remaining inmates and close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center as he campaigned for President in 2008. Many remain concerned that the released prisoners will expose the U.S. to increased terrorist threats. Now Uruguay’s President José Mujica has agreed to accept six Guantanamo Bay prisoners saying about them, “human beings who … Continue reading Uruguay to Take Six Gitmo Prisoners

Nevada Man Survived Pearl Harbor — But the Navy Said Otherwise

Most people don’t know that for every aviator, sailor or soldier with his index finger on the trigger, there are 10 or more support personnel supplying all their needs for victory. Petty Officer First Class Roland Peachee was going about his duties as a butcher on the dock next to his assigned ship the USS … Continue reading Nevada Man Survived Pearl Harbor — But the Navy Said Otherwise

Nevadans are Third in Self-Promotion

Nevada is ranked number three on the HeyLets Self-Promotion Index.  It asked 2,500 Americans who participate in social media to rate the number of posts they typically make on potentially self-promotional topics such as trips to special locations, attendance at memorable events, and work-related good news. Here is the five "Most Braggadocious" U.S. States: #1:  California (77% percent frequently … Continue reading Nevadans are Third in Self-Promotion

Somewhere Between Rabble Rousers and Missing Facts

The protests in Union Square, Times Square and Grand Central Station started small, but soon grew with the help of “This Stops Today,”  a group affiliated with Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is overseen by labor boss Andy Stern, its president since 1996.  Stern also sits on the Executive Committee of ‘America Coming Together’ … Continue reading Somewhere Between Rabble Rousers and Missing Facts

A History of Criticizing Presidential Children

Thomas Lincoln was known for herding his goat, through his mother's tea parties, appointing himself toll taker on the White House stairway, making everyone give him a nickel before they could pass, and for once interrupting a Cabinet meeting so his father could sign a "pardon" for one of his dolls.  Teddy Roosevelt's children, especially … Continue reading A History of Criticizing Presidential Children

Looking for Racial Bias in a Bunch of Numbers

It was Mark Twain who said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” The FBI collects records from local and state law enforcement every month as part of their Uniform Crime Reporting system, which is what they use to produce official reports on crime rates in the US.  Those records tell the … Continue reading Looking for Racial Bias in a Bunch of Numbers

The Real Danger to the Community

Larry McQuilliams targeted several buildings in Austin on the morning of November 28, including the Mexican Consulate, the United States Federal Courthouse and Austin Police headquarters within a 10-minute period. Police Chief Art Acevedo said at least 100 rounds were fired within that time frame. Now Acevedo wants the residents of Austin to turn friends … Continue reading The Real Danger to the Community

Where Murder and Protests Miss the Cut

Zemir Begic came to the U.S. from Bosnia in 1996, moving first to Utica, NY, before settling in Waterloo, Iowa, then moving to St. Louis where he married Arijana Mujkanovic, six months ago. Begic died early Sunday morning in St. Louis after four kids walked up and began beating on his car using hammers. Mujkanovic was … Continue reading Where Murder and Protests Miss the Cut

Will the Real Northern California Please Stand Up

Dear National Media types: Every evening, while watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX news, I see your field correspondence having trouble figuring out where they are reporting from within the 'Golden State.' Please allow me to help. This is Northern California. This is NOT Northern California. Thank you. You can go back now, to your regular self-appointed … Continue reading Will the Real Northern California Please Stand Up

The Coming Uncivil, Civil War

Here We Go Again. A Staten Island grand jury cleared an NYPD cop in the chokehold death of Eric Garner during his caught-on-video arrest for peddling loose cigarettes. The panel voted a “no-bill” and dismissed all charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, capping weeks of investigation by the special grand jury, set up in September specifically … Continue reading The Coming Uncivil, Civil War

Police Angry at St. Louis Rams Players Gesture

It reminds me of when Olympic sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood atop the medal podium at the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City, bowed their heads and raised black-gloved fists during the playing of the national anthem.  They ended up being kicked off the U.S. Track Team for their actions. It was neither the time … Continue reading Police Angry at St. Louis Rams Players Gesture

The Theatrics of the Congressional Black Caucus

There was a time when the Democratic Party was respectable. But on Monday, four members of the Congressional Black Caucus did the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture during remarks from the House Floor, to show solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Congressional folks Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) and Al … Continue reading The Theatrics of the Congressional Black Caucus

Debunking DeAndre Joshua’s Meme

There is a meme making the rounds on Facebook about a young man named DeAndre Joshua, the only person killed during the riots, looting and arson-fires in Ferguson, Missouri. His death has become fodder for online speculation, as people continue to claim Joshua was one of the unnamed witnesses, who testified before the Michael Brown … Continue reading Debunking DeAndre Joshua’s Meme

Racism Raises Its Head on House Floor

After the president’s meeting with leaders on race, the Congressional Black Caucus took to the House floor to discuss the events in Ferguson, Missouri. “The Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict former officer Darren Wilson was yet another slap in our face,” said Representative Marcia Fudge of Ohio. “It was another painful reminder that … Continue reading Racism Raises Its Head on House Floor

The Media’s Race Bias Reporting

An off-duty Akron, Ohio White police officer was fatally shot while confronting an armed Black man November 16th. Justin Winebrenner and several friends were at a pub when a man became disorderly and kicked out of the pub. The man returned a short time later and brandished a handgun. A staff member, who was aware Winebrenner … Continue reading The Media’s Race Bias Reporting

Americans Know Barack Obama is No MLK

President Obama evoked Martin Luther King Jr., ghost on Black Entertainment Television claiming his daughters could someday face dangers from racism like those the civil rights legend battled a half-century ago: “I want my children to be seen as the individuals that they are, and I want them to be judged based on the content … Continue reading Americans Know Barack Obama is No MLK

Turn the Scenario Around: Black Cop Kills White Kid

Every story of any unarmed citizen gunned down by police officers deserves public scrutiny. But that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to the increasing national media bias and their template of ‘White cop kills Black kids.’ So what if that got turned around – ‘Black cop kills White kid?’ A naked … Continue reading Turn the Scenario Around: Black Cop Kills White Kid