Nevada Broadcast Company Fails to Disclose Donations to Democratic Candidate

Reno, Nevada’s NBC affiliate, KRNV and their parent company gave a total of $40,000 to Ross Miller, the Democratic candidate for state attorney general in Nevada, but failed to mention this during their coverage of the race. KRNV general manager Amie Chapman told CNS News, “This event has nothing to do with Sinclair Broadcast Group. The activity occurred under previous ownership.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Sinclair Broadcasting Group “bought Reno’s KRNV-TV last fall for $26 million.” The company had been owned by multi-millionaire Jim Rogers until his death in June.

An expense report — filed with Miller’s office a day before the November 4 election — shows Miller received a $10,000 donation from KRNV, as well as Sinclair’s KRNV, KENV in Elko, and KSNV in Las Vegas between October 11 and October 30, a day before Nevada began early voting. The say report adds, “KRNV-TV Sierra Communications Company,’ also made a $10,000 contribution on October 10 to Kate Marshall’s campaign for Nevada’s Secretary of State.

The Democrat failed in her bid against Republican Barbara Cegavske.

Meanwhile, Miller lost to Republican Adam Laxalt by a one-point margin. Laxalt, for his part, overcame a 17-point deficit to hold on to a 46-to-45 victory.

Sinclair is one of the largest broadcasting companies in the U.S., operating 164 television stations in 79 markets. Sinclair also owns KVCW and KVMY in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the Laxalt-bashing continued with KSVN’s Jon Ralston attacking the Attorney General-elect’s military service the day before Veterans Day.

“Let me be clear – we asked straight forward questions about Laxalt’s service, that were never answered,” Ralston said in his opening commentary. “This came after we saw his original Nevada resume that said nothing about prosecuting terrorists. We researched where Laxalt was in Iraq and found no evidence he prosecuted, or in his words, ‘put away’ anyone. He was in a huge detention facility that housed thousands of prisoners.”

And still no disclosure of Ralston’s relationship with Ross Miller’s father, former Governor Bob Miller. In his autobiography, “Son of a Gambling Man,” the former governor thanked Ralston for his writing help:

“Importantly, I also thank my friend Jon Ralston… I am so honored that Jon agreed to help me in this endeavor. He provided immense help in shaping my unrefined vision of the parallels between my life’s progression and that of Nevada. He played an invaluable role in transforming a very raw draft into my life story. I deeply appreciate his help… I certainly owe him thanks for his instrumental assistance in the pages that follow…”

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