The Bear Verses the Eagle

As Mother Russia grows stronger, the U.S. appears to be getting weaker. Reports say tanks and other military vehicles are pouring over the border from Russia into eastern Ukraine, while the former Soviet Union’s long-range bomber patrols will now include the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico along with California and Alaska.

And the Obama Administration continues to stay mum on the ‘implied threats,’ from the ‘former’ super-power.

Now, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is ordering major changes to America’s nuclear arsenal. As he did so, he described how three air bases had to share a critical wrench needed for attaching nuclear warheads to missiles by express-shipping it from base to base across North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

That’s akin to ‘telegraphing’ a punch.

A number of problem came to light for the Air Force in the last year and a half, after reports revealed that an independent assessment for the Air Force found signs of “burnout” and higher levels of personal misconduct among missile launch crews and missile security forces, an exam-cheating ring at one missile bases and drug-related investigations implicating missile crew members.

Hagel says he plans to boost Defense Department spending on nuclear forces about 10 percent a year over the next five years — an increase of nearly $10 billion. And while, throwing money after problems will fix some technical issues; it’s unlikely to resolve the lack of morale that comes from sitting in a hole in the ground waiting for the world to go to hell.

And the base in Wyoming — that would be F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, my permanent assignment in the late 70s and early 80s.

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