The Hunt for Missing Randy Markin

Last month, a friend from high school disappeared from his apartment in Arcata. The local media put out a standard ‘missing persons’ story based on what the police department issued in a bulletin, but it hasn’t brought him any closer to being brought home.

In fact, when I learned Randy Markin had vanished, I wrote up a standard story using the same information provided by the Arcata Police Department. Now, after nearly two-weeks, with no sign of him, I’m on the hunt for more facts.

The best place to start I figure is with the police themselves. I tried to speak with the lead investigator; someone named Garcia, but was politely told, “You need to mind your own business.”

Ouch. While that didn’t come from ‘Garcia,’ as they were out of the office when I called, it intrigued me enough to understand that they might on the verge of a break-though on the case and don’t want some shlub-reporter screwing things up for them.

Okay, then – where next? I turned my attention to the local newspaper reports online, which is usually a good source of information, but involves ‘reading between the lines,’ and can cause trouble if presented incorrectly.

So, as I normally would do in a case like this I am presenting some of the comments left by readers of those newspaper reports, especially ‘Arcata Garden’s is a nightmare,’ in the “Lost Coast Outpost.” This person appears to know Randy well, but was too fearful on the day he disappeared to approach him or even call the authorities.

“I saw Randy on the day he disappeared at around six a.m. sitting outside of my car,” writes, ‘Arcata Garden.’ “I couldn’t sleep that night because I had a very creepy feeling. I ran outside to get dog food that I had left in my car. He was sitting, not moving, leaned back in his wheel chair with his eyes rolled back with vacant or dazed look in them.”

Now here’s the reason this person’s frightened:

“You let those crazy tweekers move in with him under the guise of being his “caretaker” after they tried to burn us all up. If he turns up dead you may be criminally liable at this point.”

‘Arcata Garden,’ concludes, “We told you something bad would happen at Randy’s if you let them illegally hang around.”

In a second posting to the same story on the same day, ‘Arcata Garden,’ confirms that they are afraid writing”… personally have been attacked, threatened, filmed, stalked and harrassed (sic) by the people hanging out in his apartment…Frankly I am scared of all of them.”

But then ‘Arcata Garden’ does something remarkable. They name one of the ‘caretakers,’ as Kim and claims any sign of distress on her part is a show, “…she was off at the casino last night,” adding, “…no caretaker in their right mind would allow that kind of drug activity around a compromised man.”

According to a family source, the apartment manager has changed the locks to his apartment and isn’t allowing anyone in. Meanwhile, someone has tried breaking into his mail box at least once since his disappearance.

Randy is a 55-year-old white male, 6-foot-3 inches tall, 230-pound with long gray hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and was last seen wearing a tie-dye T-shirt, long leather jacket and jeans.

You’re asked to call the Arcata Police at 707-822-2428 if you know his whereabouts or have information about his disappearance.

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