Harkening: The Returning

The rain had stopped by the time daylight came to the deep forest. In its place floated a heavy mist that danced among the treetops. 'Lives in Woods' crawl out of the hollow and stretched. He had slept wee despite being unable to lay down. Embers still glowed lightly below the layer of ash in his … Continue reading Harkening: The Returning


A Possible Paiute Story

The story, "Tribal Memories of the Flying Saucers," written by Oge-Make, a Navaho Indian, recounts a Paiute story about flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings, and appeared in a 1948 issue of FATE magazine. Interestingly enough the same story appears in a book by Bourke Lee, called "Death Valley Men,” published in 1932. There is very little information on Bourke other … Continue reading A Possible Paiute Story

What Would My Final Message Be?

Sitting on my front porch, enjoying an autumn zephyr that felt more like a winter breeze, I got to thinking about what wisdom I could impart if we had no more time left.  Politics, civil liberty, historical essays, family stories and old photographs would no longer matter. So what's left? Then that tiny voice, I often call … Continue reading What Would My Final Message Be?

Workplace Violence — We’ve Heard this Before

Angry about being fire when he refused to stop trying to convert coworkers to Islam, Alton Nolen decided to return and cut off the head a former coworker and stabbing another former coworker at a Oklahoma business. Nolen is now charged with first degree murder and assault. Authorities say Nolen converted to Islam and radicalized while … Continue reading Workplace Violence — We’ve Heard this Before

Reno Becomes Part of National Petri Dish

A passenger from Frontier Airlines flight 1143 flew into Reno-Tahoe International Airport and was checked for Ebola. That is the flight the second nurse diagnosed with the deadly disease was on before being admitted to the hospital. Officials say the individual does not pose significant risk and was released. What the hell does ‘significant’ mean and are they … Continue reading Reno Becomes Part of National Petri Dish

Remembering Paul Revere in Reno

Roger Hart, manager of the popular Reno casino showroom act, ‘Paul Revere and the Raiders,’ says Revere died Saturday, October 4th at his home in Garden Valley, Idaho, from cancer. In July 2014, Revere posted on Facebook that he was dealing with some ailments. Despite doctors' request that he take a break, Revere and his … Continue reading Remembering Paul Revere in Reno

Life Lesson #7

Stop being scared to make a mistake. Doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times more productive than doing nothing. Every success has a trail of failures behind it, and every failure is leading towards success. You end up regretting the things you didn't do far more than the things you did.

Crescent City Stump Fire Leads to Barn Fire in 1958

Looking through several old newspaper clippings from an online data base, I happened upon a story from August 1958 about a couple of suspicious blazes in Crescent City, California. Unfortunately, the clipping fail to identify what paper the clipping are from or the exact date of the report. “Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the possibility someone deliberately set … Continue reading Crescent City Stump Fire Leads to Barn Fire in 1958

NYC Mayor Implicated in Death of Staten Island Groundhog

“New York's Staten Island Zoo attempted to cover up news that the groundhog accidentally dropped by Mayor Bill de Blasio during the 2014 Groundhog Day celebration died from internal injuries a week after the fall,” reports The New York Post. News like this is so hard to take, not because of the death of a … Continue reading NYC Mayor Implicated in Death of Staten Island Groundhog

My Employment and Education Advice to You

Whoever said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life,” is a liar, especially when it comes to education for what one loves. I cannot stress enough to you that your education has to be practical and not a love-affair. Community college courses, vocational schools and on-the-job training are invaluable … Continue reading My Employment and Education Advice to You