The Possibility of an Airborne Ebola Virus

It’s been years since I was a U.S. Air Force Environmental Health Tech. And while there are new ways being employed to halt infections, the nature of contracting a disease hasn’t changed.

Ingestion, inhalation and injection are for any vector-borne disease the gateway into the human body.

However those charged with the care of an Ebola infected person cannot avoid the disease. So they use barriers like gloves, gowns, goggles and masks, not to mention disinfectants, to keep from becoming ill.

So with all these barriers, why are healthcare workers contraction Ebola? Furthermore even the CDC says the virus changes itself each time it infects a new host.

It could be that while the virus is primarily passed by person-to-person contact, the disease has mutated in some cases into an airborne illness. And unless proper precautions are not being followed, allowing the transmission, then nothing else makes sense.

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